A BIG Workday at Grandma’s!

We had made plans to work at Mark’s mom’s house yesterday.  My mother-in-law had some yardwork that needed done and Mark told her we would be able to do it.

Well…*my* day did not begin as planned.  It seems Murphy had an upset stomach at about three in the morning, and he threw up all over the bed.  I rolled the blanket it landed on into a wad and figured I would wait until I awakened at a more “decent” hour.  Sure.  As I lie there, wondering if the wee wonder might throw up once again,  I became aware that the room was smelling like dog food. (Thankfully, it didn’t smell like vomit!)

I grabbed all the bedding and took it to the laundry sink in the basement. I rinsed everything well, then threw it into the washing machine.  On my way down to the basement, I had noticed there were dishes waiting to be washed so I began kichen cleanup before 4 am!  By the time I was done with dishes and cleaning the cooktop, it was almost five.  Too late to go back to bed, so I continued my household duties.

We left home around nine and went to Mark’s mom’s.  She has four garden areas that needed to be weeded and then have have fresh mulch put down, so I immediately went to work on the weeding.  The sun was beginning to shine and it was getting hot fast.  As I worked on the gardens,  Ben went up on the garage roof and began cutting branches from a tree that had been shading the roof.  The roof had suddenly turned green with moss growing all over it!  Mark decided the branches over the roof were creating far too much shade, so he had Ben take down quite a few limbs.

After the limbs were cut, Ben and Michelle worked to carefully scrape the moss from the roof.  The trick was to remove the moss without removing all the stone on the shingles. They worked for quite a long time and when they were done, the roof looked terrific!  The house will also be getting more light now, too.

As Ben was working, Mark noticed that the electric service lines on the side of his mom’s garage seemed to be hanging low….only eight or nine feet from the ground!  He called Rochester Gas and Electric and they said someone would be out that day or tomorrow.

When the kids came down from the roof, it was after noon and they were hungry.  We began hauling off the branches Ben had removed and as we finished, a Rochester Gas and Electric truck pulled up to take a look at the service.  Sure enough, the “neutral lines” were broken and there was about a six foot  space between them.

I had finished weeding and we estimated how many bags of mulch to buy, so we left as the men worked.  We picked up the mulch, then went to lunch.  When we returned, the men were gone and the sagging lines were now gone as well!  They were now nice and tight.

We worked on mulching, then Ben and Michelle scraped and sanded the steps on the back of the house.  They worked on that, then applied a coat of primer.  By the time we cleaned everything up, it was almost seven o’clock.  We left and made a couple of stops in Henrietta.  By the time we got home, it was ten!

Mark and I talked about it and were amazed at all the work we had accomplished in one day. The only downside is, we were all too tired to even think by the time we got home!!!

I did take a couple of photos yesterday….

One of this beautiful male cardinal that serenaded us as we worked!

And one of the awesome clouds that graced us with an amazingly colorful sunset!

Since I was too tuckered to post an entry last night, here are some photos from Thursday.

This is an incredible annual daisy planted in the front garden. I only wish these luscious yellow flowers were perennial! I love these!

And a wild daisy.

I wandered over to the leach field that is a cool “meadow” where I came upon a butterfly.  I loved the ethereal feel in these two photos….

Well, that’s it…hope you are having a delightful weekend!  After yesterday’s warm temperatures, we are feeling lots cooler today!

Hark, the Sunshine!!!

I cannot believe it is early morning and the sun is shining!!!!!  The weatherman had said the dark clouds that loomed over us the past few days were “stalled”.  Well, someone must have pushed them outta the way, because this morning is gloriously sunshiney!!!!

I went outside with the camera a couple of days ago and was nervous it might get ruined in the RAIN!  But, I took along a coat to keep it and my head covered!

Even the flowers looked like they were crying!

I wonder if the spider that built that nest was really considering building his own swimming pool!

Late in the afternoon, yesterday, the sun began to poke through the clouds and we got to see some BLUE skies!  It was so incredible after what seemed like continual drippy skies!

Everything began to look better!

Our wet weather was accompanied by a chill that sent the family clamoring for fires in the woodstove!  I made small fires a couple of days, just to take off the damp feeling and appease everyone.  So glad to see the sun out as that ought to warm everyone up now.

Back to Seneca Lake!

As promised, I have had a bit of sleep and now I can (hopefully) post the photos taken at Seneca Lake! 

We stopped by a Chinese restaurant on our way to the lake….they have some pretty good food there, and it is consistantly the same.  When we finished though, we were so stuffed, we had to move around some or we would have burst!

We drove down to Seneca Lake State Park.  This is such a lovely park, right in the City of Geneva, along the north shore of Seneca Lake.  The lake is huge and its northern shoreline is much longer than Canandaigua Lake.  The park not only has swimming, picnicking, and the typical park “stuff”, but also has a marina.  That is where we always seem to be drawn!

It is incredible seeing the large watercraft that people have parked in the slips. I am always awestruck by the amount of money people can and do spend on these luxuries!  One houseboat looked like it was nearly the size of our house! 

In driving back from the marina, there is a waterway that runs alongside the road. I kept a lookout as we made our way down the road, when I spotted a Great Blue Heron.  I called out for Mark to stop and I was able to get some really neat photos of the Heron.  When I walked onto a dock, I frightened it, causing it to take flight.

I was so thrilled how these photos came out.  The area was a bit “confined”, causing the Heron to almost appear to be 3-D!  The late afternoon lighting was absolutely terrific, too!  I have to point out that while taking these photos, at times, it looked like it was snowing.  The result is all the “junk” on the water.  This is actually the litter that was everywhere from Cottonwood trees. Yuck!  It makes such a mess! There were literally piles of this all over the ground!

We stopped by the north end of the lake and Michelle and Murphy went down to the water.  Little Murphy hates the water, so he was anxious to get back to the car!

Michelle has collected glass along lakeshores for years.  She came back with a handful!

As we were leaving the park, Mark noticed several birdhouses. I was so happy to see them, too. They are Eastern Bluebird houses.  These little birds were near extinction back in the 70’s.  I have not checked back on the statistics, but I know by the late 70’s they were making a strong comeback.

Mark wondered why I was upset when I saw a Tree Swallow sitting on top of the house!  Argh!  When we had these Bluebird boxes years ago, we were advised to clean out any swallow nests.  The swallows are convinced the boxes were placed for their convenience!  Ah well….

I have noticed numerous Bluebird sightings down along Route 64.  These little birds are so hard to miss, as they are bright blue with red chests.  I would love to capture a photo of one, but they are very elusive!  It seems the only time I see them is as we are driving in the car!  Bluebirds are also not generally found in woodlands, but more in open fields. They do often build nests in cavities of old apple trees.

We left and drove for a short distance to the grounds of Belhurst Castle. It was so pretty there, but it was getting late in the day and we were anxious to get on home. I was surprised to see this along the highway near Belhurst…

It is almost startling to see Amish buggies along highways!  But I remember talking to my Amish friend Eunice’s husband one day.  Noah said that he delivered tomatoes and baked goods to a little fabric shop located in Bath.  In thinking about the road Noah would travel, I questioned, “Isn’t that kind of far?”  He told me “Not really.”  and explained it was “only” about nine miles. The road he would take is marked 55 MPH and I cannot imagine driving a buggy there!  Nine miles would seem so far, but he said it only takes a little more than half an hour.

We got home shortly after seven-thirty and I couldn’t believe how chilly the air was here in the Bristolwood!  I closed the bedroom window as the air seemed to get more brisk as the sun set!  It was in the upper 40’s outside when I got up with Murphy shortly after six.  Now, the rain is pounding down and I think I might need to make a wee fire in the woodstove…it is chilly inside, too! Guess I had better close all the windows!!!