White Cabbage Butterfly

Yesterday, I saw a little white butterfly flitting all around the back yard.  I decided to go out and follow it a little, just in case it decided to land.

Talk about frustrating!  This little butterfly is the definition of the word “flitting”!  The tiny bugger would land momentarily and as it saw me bring the camera to my face, it would take off once again!

Well, being a bit of a diehard, I decided to fire off just a few photos.  I took a grand total of four.  Here are some results…

I was surprised these turned out, really!  A tribute to my awesome camera and lens! I also got one more butterfly.

I am so thankful that the blasted heatwave we were experiencing was short lived.  Two days of hot temperatures is too much!  Things cooled down enough today to feel much, much better!

Have a great weekend!