The Luna Moth hung around the house for quite awhile…..I spotted it hanging on the railing on the back deck.  I am so fascinated by this moth as it really stands out with its bright green coloration and large kitelike body.  I took a few photos, trying to find a good angle, but then it moved down onto the railing as the sun got brighter and hotter!  It remained there for hours,  its body almost “floating” as breezes swept past!

A funny thing happened with another one of these moths. Michelle wassitting on the deck and decided to open the umbrella at the table.  She turned the crank and the umbrella rose.  Suddenly, she felt something fall onto her head and she began screaming!  Mom! Mom! I had to laugh as she shrieked and related the story of the falling Luna! The poor moth landed on the table and then (after it regained its composure) flew off and hid on a leaf in a maple tree in the woods!

I never would have thought I would enjoy looking at a moth, of all things, but this moth is really so pretty.  If you look at it upside down, the “eyes” on the wings look strikingly like human brown eyes!

All right…I will stop before I get called a Luna-tic!

Oops. Just one more photo!

Yup. Probably the face that only a mother (Luna) could love.  But you must admit….it really is kinda cute compared to *most* moths!