A most unexpected visit!

I have posted a photo of the large bright green moth that is called Luna Moth.  That moth is so amazing and it really is pretty!  Last night, however, Luna startled me so much, even though I don’t startle easily.  I was walking outisde to the garage when I heard such a “whirrrrr” sound!  I didn’t turn on the outdoor lights, but I saw Luna at about the same time Luna saw me and made a beeline to the trees, landing in a small maple tree.  While the Luna might be pretty to look at, I would saw it isn’t the most stealthy flier!

Here is Luna sitting outside the kitchen window last night.

Yesterday morning, I had such a treat!  When I went outside, I looked to see what was in the “moth collection”.  Strange, but true.  I have been leaving the fluorescent light above the kitchen sink on at night to attract moths to the back of the house.  Since I had seen the Io Moth several days ago, all I wanted was to see it again.  Io is a rather large moth, brightly colored yellow.

I had remembered reading about moths and butterflies that had “eyes” on their wings to ward off predators, but had never seen one live before this year!  It really is amazing and you can see how Io’s “eyes” look startlingly similar to those of an owl.

It really is incredible the things one can find when really looking!