Hark, the Sunshine!!!

I cannot believe it is early morning and the sun is shining!!!!!  The weatherman had said the dark clouds that loomed over us the past few days were “stalled”.  Well, someone must have pushed them outta the way, because this morning is gloriously sunshiney!!!!

I went outside with the camera a couple of days ago and was nervous it might get ruined in the RAIN!  But, I took along a coat to keep it and my head covered!

Even the flowers looked like they were crying!

I wonder if the spider that built that nest was really considering building his own swimming pool!

Late in the afternoon, yesterday, the sun began to poke through the clouds and we got to see some BLUE skies!  It was so incredible after what seemed like continual drippy skies!

Everything began to look better!

Our wet weather was accompanied by a chill that sent the family clamoring for fires in the woodstove!  I made small fires a couple of days, just to take off the damp feeling and appease everyone.  So glad to see the sun out as that ought to warm everyone up now.