Saying Good Bye

Yesterday was an emotional day saying our good byes to my Aunt Lena.  The good news is that hers was a life well lived.

As Carly and I talked about my dad’s side of the family, we were amazed.  All of my dad’s siblings that have passed away have lived long lives.  Some of the brothers fought for our country and all returned home.  That in and of itself is awesome!

My Aunt Lena was eighty-seven years old.  She loved my Uncle Carl, who passed away in 2001, and she longed to be with him once again.  My cousin Lori paid an awesome tribute to her mom, as did Lori’s son, Nick.  My aunt had always been all about family and she will be greatly missed.

My mom handed me her camera as she was getting out of the car at the cemetery yesterday but I told her I had my Nikon.  I wasn’t sure it was considered “proper” to photograph a funeral, but now I am glad I did!

Of my grandparents’ eight children, only three now remain.  My father is the eldest,  my Uncle Jim, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and my Uncle Dick.

This photo of my dad and Uncle Dick is precious to me.  As they were standing there, they were remembering Aunt Lena….

Pictures from this Week

I tried to publish this last night (Sunday, June 25) but for some reason, the internet was not cooperating!

I have so many photos I’ve taken and haven’t shared….it seems like time either slips by me or I am busy with this, that, or the other thing.  So, I am going to just post some photos.  I’ll comment here and there….

Last week when it was dreadfully hot, Murphy gave Michelle quite a shock in the bathroom.  She had gone in there and heard something behind the shower curtain.  She called my name, wondering if perhaps I was taking a bath.  Nope.  Little Murphy had gone into the bathtub, seeking out some refreshment!  I guess he might have thought the spigot was “self serve”!

The heat and sunshine did wonders for the flowers!

I planted a postange stamp size garden in the back yard.  It is really tiny and I planted everything really tightly!  When I went out to look at the yellow squash (which is growing like crazy!) I saw a mini ant farm inside one of the pretty star shaped golden flowers.

This is Frank.  He belongs to our neighbors up the hill, but he comes down every day with his little sister sidekick.  I think she is a poodle and Frank is an Italian Spanone. He is a very tall and good-natured dog….he stops by each day to check things out before heading back home.

Last Friday, Mark’s mom had a doctor’s appointment, so Mark and I went to Rochester.

We pulled into a parking lot for a few minutes, and I really liked the reflection of the Ukrainian church across the street on a window of a vacant storefront.

After her appointment, we went over to visit with our frined, Jim.  We had made plans to go to Bill Gray’s Restaurant at Seebreeze. Jim’s son, Peter, went along with us. What a surprise it was to see Peter again.  We haven’t seen him in ages and he was the ringbearer at our wedding nearly twenty-two years ago.  Jim was also part of our wedding party, along with his wife, Sandra.  We have been visiting with them lately and it is so great to reconnect. The only thing I cannot understand is why I didn’t take a photo of Jim and Peter!

After a round of terrific cheeseburgers,  we talked and laughed until it was time to leave.  Mark’s mom had met Jim once before and she really enjoyed meeting Peter.  We dropped her off at her home and then headed to Henrietta.  Mark’s cell phone has been having some issues, so he wanted to have it looked at.  I found this cool grass growing out near the parking lot.

Mark and I ran some more errands and then finally made our way home.

We really did have a great day out!

I forgot to mention….my tiny miniature rosebush is going crazy! It has more buds and flowers on it than it normally has all year!  It has been so pretty!

Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day.

This morning, I wanted to take a little ride and just take some “farmy” type photos.  It was tough as the lighting was a bit difficult.  I wound up near the Old Order Mennonite church I have shown here before.  Along my way, though, I made an interesting discovery.  We often see articles here in the US about the declining farming industry.  We read that many farmers give up their farms as they just cannot make a go of it.

Enter the Mennonites. I have seen some really run down farms turned around and are now looking like they are indeed productive. Many of the houses that looked quite unrestorable are now pretty homes with vegetable gardens and flower gardens as well.  There isn’t broken down farm equipment lying about the fields and everything looks meticulous.

One of the best ways to know you are in Old Order Mennonite country is by the “trails” left behind in the road by the buggies…

And also when you see tractors with metal tires as opposed to rubber tires!

I’m not sure why that tractor was left sitting at the edge of the field, but it certainly makes for an interesting photo! I have wondered why rubber tires are frowned upon by both the Amish and Old Order Mennonites.  I think that in many cases, both Amish and Mennonites might give the same answer as Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof. Why?  “Tradition”!!!!

I figured that since I had wound up in the neighborhood of the Meeting House (church),  I might as well head there.  I passed a few young men riding their bikes along the way.  I wasn’t sure why they weren’t at church, but I am sure there was a good reason.  These young men looked like they had been on a campout, as they had what looked like sleeping bags rolled up on the backs of their bikes.

I especially love the “roadside bouquets”.

Well, hard as it was, I finally left the farm country and returned home.  Truth be told, I think I could live in a car.  I just love roaming around and I get so involved with everything going on outside myself, I could just wander about for days and days!

I wasn’t gone very long….only a couple of hours.  As we were getting lunch ready, Michelle asked if I had seen “the moth on the back deck”?  I went out and looked around. What I found was simply amazing.  I cannot understand how I could have lived all these years without ever noticing the beautiful moths that surround us!

Seriously, look at those little white circles on his body!

This fellow had a thick body….almost “bulbous”, with reddish-brown hair that made him look like a teddy bear!  He also had the same “feathery” antennae as the Luna Moth.  Just look at all the fancy markings on his wings!

I took so many photos of this moth.  It stayed on that same part of the railing the entire day, gently sweeping its wings up and down the entire time. I just could not get over how pretty it was!

Okay, that’s a wrap.  I have covered Mennonites, moths, and everything in between!

Have a great week!







White Cabbage Butterfly

Yesterday, I saw a little white butterfly flitting all around the back yard.  I decided to go out and follow it a little, just in case it decided to land.

Talk about frustrating!  This little butterfly is the definition of the word “flitting”!  The tiny bugger would land momentarily and as it saw me bring the camera to my face, it would take off once again!

Well, being a bit of a diehard, I decided to fire off just a few photos.  I took a grand total of four.  Here are some results…

I was surprised these turned out, really!  A tribute to my awesome camera and lens! I also got one more butterfly.

I am so thankful that the blasted heatwave we were experiencing was short lived.  Two days of hot temperatures is too much!  Things cooled down enough today to feel much, much better!

Have a great weekend!

In Memory

of my Aunt Lena, my father’s sister who passed away in the early hours yesterday morning.

This photo was taken October 12, 2008, at the 60th anniversary party of my mother and father.

Please pray for my cousins, Lori and Scott (Lena’s children) .  Scott is in Afghanistan as is one of Lori’s sons.



The Luna Moth hung around the house for quite awhile…..I spotted it hanging on the railing on the back deck.  I am so fascinated by this moth as it really stands out with its bright green coloration and large kitelike body.  I took a few photos, trying to find a good angle, but then it moved down onto the railing as the sun got brighter and hotter!  It remained there for hours,  its body almost “floating” as breezes swept past!

A funny thing happened with another one of these moths. Michelle wassitting on the deck and decided to open the umbrella at the table.  She turned the crank and the umbrella rose.  Suddenly, she felt something fall onto her head and she began screaming!  Mom! Mom! I had to laugh as she shrieked and related the story of the falling Luna! The poor moth landed on the table and then (after it regained its composure) flew off and hid on a leaf in a maple tree in the woods!

I never would have thought I would enjoy looking at a moth, of all things, but this moth is really so pretty.  If you look at it upside down, the “eyes” on the wings look strikingly like human brown eyes!

All right…I will stop before I get called a Luna-tic!

Oops. Just one more photo!

Yup. Probably the face that only a mother (Luna) could love.  But you must admit….it really is kinda cute compared to *most* moths!


A most unexpected visit!

I have posted a photo of the large bright green moth that is called Luna Moth.  That moth is so amazing and it really is pretty!  Last night, however, Luna startled me so much, even though I don’t startle easily.  I was walking outisde to the garage when I heard such a “whirrrrr” sound!  I didn’t turn on the outdoor lights, but I saw Luna at about the same time Luna saw me and made a beeline to the trees, landing in a small maple tree.  While the Luna might be pretty to look at, I would saw it isn’t the most stealthy flier!

Here is Luna sitting outside the kitchen window last night.

Yesterday morning, I had such a treat!  When I went outside, I looked to see what was in the “moth collection”.  Strange, but true.  I have been leaving the fluorescent light above the kitchen sink on at night to attract moths to the back of the house.  Since I had seen the Io Moth several days ago, all I wanted was to see it again.  Io is a rather large moth, brightly colored yellow.

I had remembered reading about moths and butterflies that had “eyes” on their wings to ward off predators, but had never seen one live before this year!  It really is amazing and you can see how Io’s “eyes” look startlingly similar to those of an owl.

It really is incredible the things one can find when really looking!

Some of this….and some of that!

My goodness!!! Usually by this time each year, we have taken the camper out for a weekend or two, but not so this year.  We are so busy, it seems we are constantly on the run. The poor little camper is left sitting in its winter parking spot with weeds growing around it!  Help!!!

On Sunday afternoon, we were back at my mother-in-law’s house.  The kids worked on getting a coat of paint on the primer they did last Friday.  It was hot and humid so I (generously or cunningly???) offered to wash her awning.  Mark said the awning isn’t retracting properly…it is motorized….so the scallop on the front was full of lichen and algae.  Yuck!  I dry brushed it first making a terribly dusty mess from the lichen.  Then I used RV awning cleaner.  It really did remove a lot of the stuff, but some lichen still remains.

After we finished up at Mark’s mom’s, we took a ride to Turning Point Park.  This is a park that runs along the Genesee River and has a great path for biking and hiking. Some of the photos are from that hike, while the Hummingbirds and others are from home.  If you hover over each photo, a brief description appears

I hope this entire summer isn’t spent being quite so busy, but if it is, I will be off with the camera, trying to make the most of it!