Up on the Rooftop

Reindeer paws…..

Hahaha!  Now you will be humming that silly Christmas song all day and getting miffed at me!

Actually, what I am referring to was *not* on the rooftop.  Technically, it was on the antenna!

Can you see it? Look closely at the center of the photo and you will see a tiny Hummingbird sitting on the antenna!  That little bugger is there every morning. 

After never being able to capture the swift moving Hummers before,  I finally got the bright idea to hide down off the back deck, behind the balusters.  I found that by staying there, the Hummers don’t really see me, or if they do, they don’t see me as a threat!

Yesterday morning, I got up and as I was washing some dishes, I noticed a green wing on the window. Of course, curiosity made me get outside to see what, exactly, I was looking at!

This Luna Moth was huge!  It was also quite a pretty moth!  It reminded me so much of a kite with a tail on it.  The moth remained on that window well into last night.  The kids found it fascinating as well.

The antennae on this moth were striking….looking like feathers.

The morning began so hot, I felt like crying…literally! It was so hot and humid. I  couldn’t even begin to imagine how the day was going to end!

Late morning, I found Mark staring at the computer screen.  When I asked what he was doing, he commented that the kids wanted him to get into the pool.  He was checking with one of the weather sites because we knew there was going to be some rain.  He told me there were some thunderstorms heading our way, but decided to go in.

Mark and the kids were in the pool for awhile when the sky began to darken.  Off in the west, I thought I heard thunder rumbling. Within a few minutes, we could hear it was coming much closer, so everyone got out of the pool.  Not long afterward, the wind kicked up with gusts that were amazing!  The sky broke open and it absolutely poured! It rained so hard, we could scarcely believe it.  Then the hail began!  The rain was falling and in it were pieces of hail…mostly small, but I saw some chunks bigger than ice cubes from the icemaker!

It continued to rain and hail for probably another five minutes, then it calm down to just pouring rain once again. It rained quite a long time, dropping well over an inch.  I am not certain just how much rain we got, but it was a lot.

We had some running around to do so we drove to Victor.  Along the way, we saw some substantial branches snapped off trees by the wind and rain.  We passed one house that had its roof completely covered in leaves…quite the green roof!  We found out later while in Victor, some stores were closed due to power outages.

By evening, everything was settled back down and we managed with no damage. We had so many episodes of high winds in the winter and spring, I think everything remaining is quite healthy.

I got up this morning and someone had left the light on outside in the back.  I went out and saw moths all over the back of the house. As I looked at all the critters, I saw one on the door jamb.  It was pretty big, so I thought I had better remove it.  Mark hates moths flying in the house. I picked up a pool toy and it latched on.  I set it down, when I looked once again…..the moth was bright yellow with two big markings…one on each wing…that looked like eyes! 

I had to take Murphy outside, so as soon as I came back in, I grabbed a couple of cameras, thrilled at my “moth find”. I walked out back and the moth was gone!  Waves of disappointment washed over me! In looking online, I discovered it was an Io male. It certainly makes me wonder just how many more amazing creatures I have passed by day after day and never saw!

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  1. How funny that you posted a picture of a bird on your antenna. I just came in from grilling and there was a male cardinal singing quite the happy tune for a long while. I looked around for him and found him perched on top of the neighbor’s antenna. The birds must think those are huge perches put up just for them!

  2. It was quite the storm yesterday!! Wow! That moth is HUGE and actually quite beautiful!! I know how you feel…so many times I run across a really cool thing to photograph and don’t have my camera handy!

  3. We have lots of Hummingbirds about.They seem to like my Blue Dawn Flower vine but I almost always see them piecing the flowers from the side rather than taking the nectar from the open flower.Also it seems many times if I’m wearing a red ballcap while reading on the patio I’ll look up at a movement and find a hummer hovering right next to me for a few seconds then zooming off.

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