Quite the Collection!

This morning, upon going outside, I stumbled on quite a variety of moths…


This moth’s body had to be at least two inches long!

Then there was the weird moth….

The white moth….

And another moth…who was kinda cute…at least compared to the others!

Of course, the little Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly that allowed me to close right in on it to take photos was much more fun than the moths!


The absolutely weirdest thing I photographed today was something I made. 

We had lots of little things to do all day, so I was busy on and off.  About suppertime, I decided to try my hand at something I had seen on the internet.

What do you mean, what is it???

Why, it is a Turtleburger!!!!  That poor burger was a bit confused, though as I stuffed Kosher hot dogs in for the extremities, then added bacon on top!  I wasn’t thrilled about the bacon, as I do not even eat pork. 

Well, now I can hold my head up and be counted amongst those who have created this “delicacy”……