Okay, so I did willingly decide to do this little trail today.  Even though the sky was growing ever more dark and foreboding! Michelle had gotten a call from her boyfriend saying that he, his sisters, and his mom were going to hike Grimes Glen today. 

Michelle got home and as she got ready to meet Jacob and his family, she asked if I wanted to hike along.  I thought about it, but was unsure.  I would decide when we got there.   I decided to take along my “old” Nikon D-80 camera.  I have a (cheap) telephoto lens for that camera that I mounted on for the trip.

We got to the glen and I decided to give the trail a go.  Before setting out, though, I sprayed everything I could with bug repellent.  The last thing I wanted was to be mosquito food.  Within minutes, we were off!

I had kind of forgotten just how the paths work along the water. 

The girls enjoyed getting into the water, with the younger (in pink) really enjoying it!  She didn’t mind getting wet all over at all!

It wasn’t too long into the trail that it became evident we were going to have to crossthe water!  Holy mackerel! I was wearing a pair of Skecher sneakers, so that wasn’t a real problem, but did I want to step into the COLD water? With a camera around my neck?  Did you SEE that current??? Well, oush came to shove and I manned up and by golly, I crossed that water.  Several times!

We walked along, crossing back and forth.  The only semi-embarrassing moment came as I was “hopping” over two small trees that were horizontal over the water.  Forgetting that I am not tall like Jacob’s mom, I hopped over and one leg got stuck between the two trees.  Yikes!!!  I was able to slide forward a little and free the leg and I was good to go again. 

Oh, by the way!  I forgot to say….I was wearing a skirt!!! 

We got back to the first falls.  Jacob was there first.

i don’t know if it is a sign of old age, or what, but as I looked up, I nearly fell into the water!  I got so dizzy watching that waterfall! It must have been about fifty feet of drop.  There is a ledge and Jacob convinced his sisters and mom to join him there.  I stayed down to photograph.  Yup.

I really tried to get the whole waterfall, but it was impossible!  I stepped back in the second photo (above) but I still couldn’t get Jacob’s family in the photo along with the top of the thing!

Did I mention we had to keep crossing this water?

We continued on until we reached the second waterfall.  I think it is even higher than the first.  It was pretty impressive and as we reached it,  it began raining cats and dogs!! 

As Jacob and the girls played around in the water,  Michelle asked if I wanted to head back to the car?  YES!

(This was where Michelle surmised it was raining!)

We carefully made our way back…I was no longer worrying about slipping in the water, but about my camera!  I stuffed it and my cell phone inside my wimpy little cotton sweater.  Thankfully, the way back seemed much shorter than the way there!  Michelle and I threw off our outer clothes and sat back to relax. Michelle had not only Jacob’s car keys, but his mom’s as well.

We were only in the car a short time when everyone came back.   What an adventure.  If I had know it was going to rain like that,  I think I might have skipped.  But, all in all, it really was a fun little outing, after all!

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  1. Oh MY! What an outing that was!!! I felt like I was right there with you…you have such a way with words!! Love the photos!! The waterfalls are beautiful…but I cannot believe you managed to cross that water several times! Good for you!!

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