The Great Blue

Heron, that is!

Late yesterday afternoon,  Mark and I went down to Woodville to see what was up. I got out of the car and walked around.  The only wildlife present appeared to be Red-Winged Blackbirds.  Bah! Mark worked on his laptop while I walked back and forth like a restless caged lion.

I came back to the car to grumble. Nothing was around. No ducks. No geese. No flowers….nothing.  Mark told me sometimes you just have to be patient.  So, I sat.  And sat.

Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, a Great Blue Heron cruised across the sky.  It was flying rather low, so I poised the camera and began shooting.

These photos were okay, I guess. but I was a bit disappointed.  I don’t like “fiddling” around with photos. I like to get the shot right directly with the camera without tinkering around with color, contrast, and so on.   The lighting was kind of cruddy and it shows in the photos.

I went back to the car and sat again.  I didn’t see where the Heron went, but it seemed to magically appear once again.  It looked like it was irritated by a passing Gull and was chasing after it.  I hopped out of the car again and this time, I was much happier!  I thought these last three photos were far better than the first ones!

The was the first of the last three photos, and I did crop it because I used it for my photo journal. I loved the way the wings were spanned out! The last two photos, I didn’t crop so much but wanted to leave some of the “environment” in the photo.  I love the wings and the legs.

Herons are so gangly….they look kind of funny!  But, they are so large, they really catch your eye!

So, the moral of the story here was to just sit and (try to) be patient!  Mark reminded me that one evening while he was sitting in Woodville, one of the Eagles passed by him, overhead! Which reminds me that one of these days, things need to settle down a little so I can go kayaking again!!!

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  1. I know what you mean about the lighting, but I really like the last three the best too!! Especially the one where his wings are all spread out!! They DO look gangly!

  2. Light might not be the best, but it is an excellent series of the flight of the Heron.

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