Eek! I’m Behind


I’m not really doing too badly, though, as I am sludging through lots of stuff!  Consider the fact that we were not home from morning till evening last Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday….well, we’ve been on the move! Yesterday, I raked leaves out of the ditch alongside the driveway.  Not having any snow last winter meant that all the autumn leaves have just blown here, there, and wherever, and many landed in that ditch…

After my raking job, I went to work on lunch, making some really good Buffalo Chicken sandwiches for lunch, along with green beans cooked in butter and granulated garlic.  I made the buns for the sandwiches, along with the Buffalo Wing Sauce and Bleu Cheese Dressing.  Even though I have made these things before, it does take time. And effort!

It was after two before I finished cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes.  From there, I headed out to clean the Subaru.  We had been using the car a lot and I hadn’t vacuumed it or given it a good cleaning in a while.  I think I forgot just how long it actually takes to clean a car from top to bottom! One of the reasons I initially felt compelled to clean it was because our Ruby Red car was looking green from all the pollen all over it!  Unfortunately, today it is looking like more pollen has settled on it…..

Ah well….

I thought I would post some photos taken on Mother’s Day.  We went to visit my parents and had a great time, as always!

Yes, I know it’s freaky, but I rarely take photos of people.  I really have a hard time of it, as I am never satisfied with my people photos.  I am not stealthy enough to take pics “on the sly” and when people pose for me, I always get annoyed…

I did get an awesome photo of one of my very favorite flowers in my parents’ yard, namely a white Columbine.

hahaha….I didn’t do any tinkering with that photo!  The sky had gone to a pale shade of “colorless” late in the afternoon. I wanted to photograph the flower, so I decided to sneak off and get my photo!  I had to lie down on my back on the grass to get this…..why is it Columbines hang their heads???

On Monday, we went over to visit with Mark’s mom for awhile.  We got her a hanging basket with tuber Begonias.  I had looked all over the place for a pretty basket, and it was so hard to find!  We finally stopped at a nursery not too far from my mother-in-law’s house and it was the only one they had.  Needless to say, I snatched it as soon as I spotted it!!!  I had looked while we were in Henrietta at Lowe’s, WalMart, and some other stores, but all the baskets looked lop-sided and just wimpy!

I did manage to find a Fuchsia I liked, though.  I always have one on the front porch.  The Hummingbirds love them and so do I!  I like Fuchsias that are out of the ordinary, and this one is!  I love the little flowers.

Today, Mark and Michelle were off to Rochester.  I had a few loads of laundry to do, along with some other things, so I have been busy today! I got two loads of laundry done, made another batch of buns for steak, pepper, and onion sandwiches for dinner,  and washed the ATV’s. 

Well, that’s it for now!

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  1. You are SO BUSY all the time!!! Yikes! I get tired just reading about all the stuff you are doing!! I adore fuchsia plants! They are so beautiful!! I used to have them at the cottage each year, but unless I’m there all the time to take care of them, they end up dying. Glad you had a good visit with your Mom on Mother’s Day…the flower pictures are outstanding!!! And I am so impressed with your homemade rolls!! Awesome!! Talk soon!!

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