Sneaking in a Post this Morning!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day!  Mark and I decided to take advantage of it, so we went for a ride.

We wound up parking the car next to a pond. Way off on the other side, I noticed a “collection” of geese.  There were some Canada Geese, along with the domestic variety. As we sat there, the domestic geese entered the water, along with a few goslings.  I couldn’t figure out which geese had the goslings as there were three geese that seemed to swim near them. 

It was also interesting to note that the domestic geese seemed to just “stick together”, leaving the Canada Geese over at the other end of the pond. The goslings were so cute! Since these photos were taken so far away from the geese, you might choose to click on them to see them larger…note the little gosling’s foot on the right in the photo below….

As these geese rested, the other domestic geese preened themselves. I love their reflections in the water.

We watched for a long time, just enjoying the beautful weather and the cool breeze blowing in through the windows.  As the adult geese preened themselves, the little goslings rested and grazed the tender green grass. If you click on the photo below, it is kind of funny to see the little gosling in the back walking along with its “wings” outstretched!

The scenery was so pleasant. Until a Canada Goose came crashing onto the pond!

I’m not certain if there was something going on between these geese or not, but the domestic took off as the Canada landed! It did make for a couple of interesting photos, as they looked like they were running on top of the water!

Of course, the geese weren’t the “only” life in the pond….

but they were far more interesting!

We had to pick the kids up in Penn Yan, so I had this idea to visit the Windmill.  I checked to see if they were open and was happy to see they were indeed! So, off we went!

I never take many photos at The Windmill, mainly because I just don’t take people pictures very often.  I am never sure whether people might object to having photos taken and I never seem to capture them well anyway!  I did manage a couple, though.

This horse was quite the hit!  Every time I came past, there were people pettting him and fussing over him. 

The second photo was an interesting shot. Don’t laugh. I spotted three Mennonite girls walking along, talking and laughing as they went. I wanted to photograph them, but to do so without making it obvious.  I had my tiny Canon on me, so I merely pointed it in their direction in front of me and shot three photos.  I didn’t look to see if the camera was focussing or anything, I just “shot from the hip”.  I had to do a whole lot of cropping, but thought this photo captured the girls rather well!

Don’t you just love their braids?

We headed off to Penn Yan and it looked like everyone was enjoying the beautiful day!  There were so many vehicles!

These two young Mennonite ladies were amongst the traffic.  I took several photos through the window with my telephoto lens.  Unfortunately, it is hard to “hide” the Nikon camera with that BIG lens on it.  So, as the buggy passed by us, the girl on the right saw me and smiled a HUGE smile. And WAVED!

Mennonites generally have no problems being photographed.  Many Mennonites even have cameras.  It is the Amish who are camera shy. Even so, I am generally reluctant to photograph people.  However, the girl’s beautiful smile and friendly wave made it seem just fine.

We picked the kids up and passed by a school. The school had a garden in front with some of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen!  I LOVED these Poppies…

On our way home, we passed by a farm with sheep. I was so disappointed that the majority of them were far off in the distance.  We passed by a pasture where it looked like all the ewes that were about due to lamb were placed.  As I looked I spotted one tiny lamb.  It must have just been born.

The lamb was so far off, I couldn’t see its head aimed upward until I placed the photo on the computer!  Looks like it is dead!  But, I made a “baaaing” sound and it got up on wobbly little legs and scampered over to its mama.

It was hard to see the day end. It really was a very relaxing and enjoyable spring day!