Oh, Would this Day Never End?

While the day might not have been that long, it sure seemed that way.  And, we covered a lot of ground!!

I was up this morning well before Murphy.  That is unusual because he usually is waking me up!  It was funny because as I talked to him, he just kind of looked at me as if not believing I was for real, then thrust his head back down as though going back to sleep!  That should have been an indicator that I should go back to sleep, but once I am up, I am up for the duration!

I tiptoed out front to see the Robin’s nest I showed yesterday….

I couldn’t believe she was there!  I am sorry about the poor quality of Mrs. Robin, but I chose to let the camera autofocus and that is the best I could do. I didn’t want to poke my face into hers, so I just pointed the camera.  She was initially facing the opposite direction and the photo I took had funny shadows in it.  I stepped aside to review my photo and when I stepped back to get one more photo, she had turned around in her nest!

I had watched this Robin build this nest and it really is incredible.  One of the mysteries to me, is how she knew exactly what size to build the nest.  When she is sitting on the eggs (there are now two!) she fits just perfectly into her masterfully woven nest of dried grasses and some mud.   It really is hard to understand just how her “house” is so perfect!

We drove up to Rochester late this morning to look at a car.  The road we traveled happens to intersect with the Kodak company.  Unfortunately for us, the company was receiving a load of coal, via rail car. 

We sat with the car turned off for at least half an hour, as the cars went back and forth, back and forth….like a tennis ball in a match! When the train finally cleared the tracks, the cars lined up in the opposing lane had to have been a couple of miles long!  What a mess….especially since this is a major road!

When we got to the car dealership,  I noticed a HUGE American flag in front of the store.  I lingered on a bit to get this shot…

I love the way the sun is behind the flag, highlighting it with its gorgeous blue skies and bright sunshine.

We finally got home a little after six, then we took the kids to visit friends.  By the time we got home, it was late.  Mark and I sat up and watched a couple of shows he had recorded on the National Geographic Channel about the Amish.   This series is very interesting and informative.  Mark and I both nearly passed out, watching the shows.  It is currently after eleven.

So….why am I still up?