My Little Netbook….

is still sick with a virus…..

Mark worked on getting the little puter up and running, but the virus ruined something, making it impossible for it to connect online.  Talk about frustrating! Mark has on on spent the better part of today working on it again.  He is confident the little netbook will be fine, it just might take some time.  So…

On Friday afternoon, Mark and I went for a ride down to Bath.  It was a nice day for a ride and lately, our little Murphy has been enjoying riding along.  We wound up going to a car dealership there, and Mark wanted to take a car for a test drive.  The fellow showing us the car said Murphy could ride along, as it was rather warm.  I held him on my lap and he was perfect!

After the test drive, Mark wanted to go inside and get some information about the car.  I carried Murphy in and he sat on my lap as we chatted with the salesman. Murphy could not have behaved any better.  He sat on my lap with his paws on the desk as though he was listening to all that was said.  Another salesman came over to inquire what type of dog Murphy is. When I told him a Scottie, he said he has a Scottie-poo.  (Mark’s sister also has a dog like this, but refers to hers as a “Scoodle”.)

After we left the dealership, we began driving home.  Mark asked if I wanted to visit with Eunice, my Amish friend.  I happily agreed, although was a little concerned as it was kind of late.

We stopped by and Eunice was so happy to see me again!  Her little boy Chris wanted to know if I had any Lincoln Logs.  He apparently heard Eunice and I talking about them the last time I was there!  I told him no, but he was still pretty happy to see me!

Eunice told me she had been working on planting onions in their garden.  She had to go inside….although it was late, they hadn’t had their dinner yet.  I followed Eunice inside and asked if I could help out. I had to smile as I spotted little Chris’s miniature straw hat on the table, filled with six fresh eggs! Eunice laughed as she explained that Chris always carries the eggs in his hat!  Oh, how my camera trigger finger burned….

Little Susanna was in her arms, so Eunice said I could take her.  As soon as she was in my arms, her little bottom lip protruded and she began to wail!  Oh my! Poor Eunice….I asked if she minded me taking Susanna outside and she said to go ahead.  I remember how hard it was getting anything done with a crying baby and I thought perhaps taking her outside might distract her.

We walked around, looking at everything, but she still sobbed in between looking around.  Chris followed us around and Susanna would get interested in watching him a bit, then would resume crying.  Poor baby!  We went back inside and dinner was almost ready.

I asked Eunice if there was anything at all I could do, and she said “Yes!”  She showed me a hand operated butter churn and I was thrilled!  The churn was a big glass jar with a shaft that went inside with a paddle at the bottom.  Noah had just brought in some fresh milk from their cow and had separated the cream from the milk.

I churned the butter for a few minutes and in peaking inside, I could see the butter was forming.  I am not sure if it was completely done or not, but Noah said he would finish it up if it wasn’t.  They told me they make butter two or three times every week.

Noah got up from the table and said he needed to go “get the cow”.  Eunice and I went back outside to visit.  We chatted and had such a good time visiting, as always.  I noticed Noah walking up the driveway, behind the big cow.  Suddenly, he lunged forward and grabbed hold of a rope that was tied around her neck.  Behind him, little Chris followed along in his blue shirt, black trousers with suspenders, and straw hat.  Once again, my mind longed to just snap a photo!

Mark had dropped me off and driven a few miles to the town to do some work on his laptop.  I called him and he came to pick me up.  It is hard saying good bye….I so enjoy Eunice and her family, but we needed to get on home.

Saturday morning, we had to leave home to head on out to Rochester Institute of Technology.  Michelle’s college was having another Imagine RIT event….this is like their open house to show off the various schools.

Walking around the campus for a few hours with my big camera bag had to be good exercise, but wow!  I was getting so tired, I wondered if I would make it until three when Michelle’s volunteer shift ended!

A few photos from the day…..

Michelle decked in her volunteer shirt.

This fellow was paddling around in a concrete canoe.  Yes, concrete! Every year, several colleges compete to build the ultimate concrete canoe.  This year’s model placed 4th. It was too heavy and didn’t float nicely like this particular model from a few years ago!

The RIT Pep Band performed along a walkway between buildings. They were good! The band was on one side of the walkway, while the director was on the other side.

There was a sea of people no matter where we went….like the streets of New York City, midday! I grew weary and just didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. Nor did I visit a lot of displays.

I did run into these fellows. Several times.

Michelle’s volunteer shift was from noon until three.  We met Mark in the parking lot shortly after three and were off once again!  Yes, our day didn’t end there.

Mark and I met two couples at Applebee’s for dinner.  We met at four because one fellow is having some trouble with his eyesight and doesn’t like being out after dark. We had a good time visiting and the Bruschetta Chicken was fabulous!  Mark and I both had it and agreed it was the best we’ve had there!  We had dropped the kids off and they met a friend, so we picked them up afterwards and got home shortly after nine.

I don’t remember anything after I rested on the bed…..I do remember waking up this morning!

The past couple of days have been filled up, so today really was a day of REST!