Butterflies and Flowers

I was anxious to get outside this morning.  After heavy downpours last night, everything smelled so fresh!  I love the scent of watered earth!

I was not disappointed at all!  I noticed that the little Lily of the Valley plants were blooming, or close to it.  I went to the garage and grabbed a piece of cardboard and headed down into the front yard.  Don’t you wonder what the neighbors across the street must think when they see me lying on the ground outside? Well, the Lily of the Valley wasn’t so great after all, so I walked around a little.

There was still a lot of dampness and dew and when I photographed this Dandelion,  I was pleased with the look.  I love the featherlike appearance.

But the best was yet to come!  When we moved here to our new house almost twenty years ago, Mom and Dad gave us two small Double White Lilac bushes.  One of the bushes is nearly at peak, and the smell?  Wonderful!  I walked over to take some photos of the pretty bracts only to be surprised to find the bush moving!  Yes! There were at least twenty Red Admiral Butterflies enjoying that bush right alongside me!  It was tempting to watch the butterflies dancing about instead of keeping my eye glued to the eyepiece of the camera, but I decided the photos would be almost as enjoyable!

I love those white lilacs…they remind me of the flowers on a wedding cake…they are so pretty!  Butterflies can often be a challenge to capture as they are extremely “flitty”.  Well, I think these butterflies must have been mellow because they just awakened!  They were so accommodating, often spreading their wings wide open for me to enjoy their beauty!

Don’t you wish every day could be all butterflies and flowers?