I Am Delirious!

Today found us in Henrietta. I managed to fill my appetite for photography for the day as well as filling my freezer with food!  A productive day indeedy!

If you like babies, hang in here.  You will get your fill of duck and goose babies….sorry if you *only* like the human kind.  I don’t take a lot of photos of people because I am not bold enough to ask permission. Bad, I know.  Okay, as promised, here we go…..

Well, seeing all of these tiny babies was so exciting.  I didn’t have too much trouble getting close, although something strange did happen.  I was snapping away, happily behind the lens, when BOTH goose parents began hissing  and wildly flapping their wings.  I couldn’t imagine I’d done anything to cause such behavior, so I lowered the camera only to see a muskrat slip into the water!  That wasn’t something I had thought about before, but I would think they would be a real threat to the goslings!

So, now that I showed you lots and lots of fluffy babies, here is something I have never seen before!  Well, actually, I did spot this on Monday….

We were sitting in an RIT parking lot, when I saw ducks floating about in a marshy area.  I got out of the car to see what was going on and I made a discovery!  The campus has Wood Ducks!  Before this, I had never seen one of these!  I was so excited, but without my telephoto lens, I was going nowhere.

Fast forward to today.  I wandered back over to the same marshy area, only to see two Mallard drakes preening themselves in the sun.  I decided to be patient.  A little later, I saw what looked like a Mallard couple in the water.  As I went near the water, they retreated over to the other side….it had to have been about one hundred feet away.  I was disappointed, but then I saw the couple get out of the water.

I took a few photos and was surprised when I saw that some photos showed the male duck fairly well.  The female was impossible to capture….she was so camoflaged,  she looked just like the leaves she was wading through….

This little boy would be fun for a game of hide and seek….he certainly can make himself disappear!

All in all, not to shabby of a day!!!