From Canandaigua Lake to Seneca Lake

Everyone slept in a little this morning. Well, except for Murphy and me!  I think the cool temperature during the night really helps one rest in a more deep and refreshing sleep.

The kids had plans for the day. Michelle and I were going to take the kayaks down to Woodville for a brief paddle.  When I spoke to my father yesterday, he had told me two people had drowned from my hometown.  I decided to find out why, so Mark looked the story up online.

As it turns out, one of the drownings was a young man who was the son of a woman I had played with as a little girl.  Mark discovered that the fellow had never been kayaking before, was not a strong swimmer, and was not wearing a life jacket.  This whole mix of details adds up to a recipe for disaster in the case of an accident.

The kayak tipped over, filling with water, then sinking with the young man inside.  A longtime kayaking friend who was with him tried to rescue him, but could not find him.  This whole situation made me so upset.  I understand why people do not want to wear a bulky and not the most comfortable vest, but I cannot help but wonder if this might have saved the young man’s life.  He was only 23 and had so much to look forward to.  He had just graduated from college with a business degree and was going to attend a college in Louisiana to further his education.  He also was engaged.

After hearing the details of this accident,  I felt almost overwhelmed with never wanting to kayak again.  But, in thinking things through, we have kayaks with added foam inserts to prevent them from sinking in the event they are overturned.  We also wear life jackets. Always.  The water at Woodville is shallow enough that if push came to shove, we could actually walk back to shore!  Not that all the water we have been in has been so shallow, but we do take precautions. Always. Water is not to be randomly feared, but greatly respected.

We got ready to go and Ben came along with us.  Since we only have the two solid kayaks, Ben took one of the little yellow inflatables.  We weren’t out too long, but it was windy and a bit of a challenge to paddle against the water in some areas.  When a couple of guys passed us on a fishing boat as we headed down the river off the lake,  I thought we ought to turn around. They were fishing and I didn’t want to disturb them.

I did take my old D-80 with me in the infamous plastic bag and got a few photos….

You can see that the water is rather muddy looking.  After about one and a half inches of rain fell two days ago (mixed with sizeable hail!) the water all ran down from the surrounding hills, bringing along some mud and silt!

As you can see, there is an abundance of flowers everywhere!  They add so much color!

I seem to be having some difficulty uploading photos, and since it is nearing midnight, I am going to have to post Seneca Lake photos tomorrow!

Up on the Rooftop

Reindeer paws…..

Hahaha!  Now you will be humming that silly Christmas song all day and getting miffed at me!

Actually, what I am referring to was *not* on the rooftop.  Technically, it was on the antenna!

Can you see it? Look closely at the center of the photo and you will see a tiny Hummingbird sitting on the antenna!  That little bugger is there every morning. 

After never being able to capture the swift moving Hummers before,  I finally got the bright idea to hide down off the back deck, behind the balusters.  I found that by staying there, the Hummers don’t really see me, or if they do, they don’t see me as a threat!

Yesterday morning, I got up and as I was washing some dishes, I noticed a green wing on the window. Of course, curiosity made me get outside to see what, exactly, I was looking at!

This Luna Moth was huge!  It was also quite a pretty moth!  It reminded me so much of a kite with a tail on it.  The moth remained on that window well into last night.  The kids found it fascinating as well.

The antennae on this moth were striking….looking like feathers.

The morning began so hot, I felt like crying…literally! It was so hot and humid. I  couldn’t even begin to imagine how the day was going to end!

Late morning, I found Mark staring at the computer screen.  When I asked what he was doing, he commented that the kids wanted him to get into the pool.  He was checking with one of the weather sites because we knew there was going to be some rain.  He told me there were some thunderstorms heading our way, but decided to go in.

Mark and the kids were in the pool for awhile when the sky began to darken.  Off in the west, I thought I heard thunder rumbling. Within a few minutes, we could hear it was coming much closer, so everyone got out of the pool.  Not long afterward, the wind kicked up with gusts that were amazing!  The sky broke open and it absolutely poured! It rained so hard, we could scarcely believe it.  Then the hail began!  The rain was falling and in it were pieces of hail…mostly small, but I saw some chunks bigger than ice cubes from the icemaker!

It continued to rain and hail for probably another five minutes, then it calm down to just pouring rain once again. It rained quite a long time, dropping well over an inch.  I am not certain just how much rain we got, but it was a lot.

We had some running around to do so we drove to Victor.  Along the way, we saw some substantial branches snapped off trees by the wind and rain.  We passed one house that had its roof completely covered in leaves…quite the green roof!  We found out later while in Victor, some stores were closed due to power outages.

By evening, everything was settled back down and we managed with no damage. We had so many episodes of high winds in the winter and spring, I think everything remaining is quite healthy.

I got up this morning and someone had left the light on outside in the back.  I went out and saw moths all over the back of the house. As I looked at all the critters, I saw one on the door jamb.  It was pretty big, so I thought I had better remove it.  Mark hates moths flying in the house. I picked up a pool toy and it latched on.  I set it down, when I looked once again…..the moth was bright yellow with two big markings…one on each wing…that looked like eyes! 

I had to take Murphy outside, so as soon as I came back in, I grabbed a couple of cameras, thrilled at my “moth find”. I walked out back and the moth was gone!  Waves of disappointment washed over me! In looking online, I discovered it was an Io male. It certainly makes me wonder just how many more amazing creatures I have passed by day after day and never saw!

TaDa!!! A *New* Feature!

If you look over to the right and perhaps scroll down a tad, you will see little thumbnails of photos.  These are the twelve most recent entries to my photo journal you have seen me write about here.  If you click on one of the photos, it will magically transport you to the journal and you can have a look at it! The only problem I can see is that the “webmeister” spelled “Blipfoto” incorrectly.  I will have to speak to him…….

Hope you take a look! It will be like getting TWO blogs for the price of one.   And, I will be back tomorrow.  Things have been hectic!!!!

Quite the Collection!

This morning, upon going outside, I stumbled on quite a variety of moths…


This moth’s body had to be at least two inches long!

Then there was the weird moth….

The white moth….

And another moth…who was kinda cute…at least compared to the others!

Of course, the little Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly that allowed me to close right in on it to take photos was much more fun than the moths!


The absolutely weirdest thing I photographed today was something I made. 

We had lots of little things to do all day, so I was busy on and off.  About suppertime, I decided to try my hand at something I had seen on the internet.

What do you mean, what is it???

Why, it is a Turtleburger!!!!  That poor burger was a bit confused, though as I stuffed Kosher hot dogs in for the extremities, then added bacon on top!  I wasn’t thrilled about the bacon, as I do not even eat pork. 

Well, now I can hold my head up and be counted amongst those who have created this “delicacy”……

Random Thoughts…

Mark had a doctor appointment yesterday, so we had to run to Canandaigua. In a world in which doctoring has become an “industry” as opposed to a “profession”, it really is wonderful to visit with our doctor.  This of Medicine Woman!

The doctor told us a story about a patient who came in one day with his daughter, who had an ear infection.  The doctor, in looking at the father, discerned that he might be sick.  He was sent to another doctor for a specific procedure, who then sent him to a surgeon who discovered he had cancer.  Although this (young) man’s outlook is grim, the doctor told us she had done something totally against all of her medical training….she had gone with her intuition.

As the doctor told us this story, I felt compelled to tell her about that still small voice with which God so often speaks.  When we seem to know something that doesn’t make sense, or even comes out of the blue,  I believe God is telling us something that we need to know.  All we need to do is listen!

We shared more things that were on our minds and the doctor told us a story that revolutionized her professor’s life. The man, teaching a class of interns, asked if they could improve a patient’s outcome, with a treatment that cost nothing, but had positive results, would they do it?  The entire class answered affirmatively.

The professor went on to explain his experiment he had carried out.  He scientifically and methodically chose patients who were in the ICU.  He had a group of people who would pray for certain patients.  The praying people did not know who they were praying for, nor their conditions.  No one knew any of this, except for the Atheist  man conducting the test.

When the results were in, the man came to a firm belief in God.  The dramatic outcomes of the group of patients who were prayed for was startling. Yes, there were patients who passed away in the group being prayed for, but there were also some turn of events that had no logical explanation.

I love hearing stories like this and I think we could have gone on and on!  We and the doctor talked for a long time and at one point, she said she loves when we come in, as she feels like she has gotten a “warm hug” and, she said, she doesn’t get those often in her line of business!

One other thing that was awesome was when she asked how we could see this world and not believe in God!  I then told her about how Mark had made that same comment to an eye doctor years ago as he looked at a diagram of the human eye and the doctor responded that he did not believe in God.  It turns out our doctor goes to that same eye doctor, and in going through some difficult times, the eye doctor told our doctor he was getting some counseling from his pastor!

We have all heard the expression “God works in mysterious ways” and we cannot deny that.  What we say or do today can have a profound outcome on another’s life, wittingly or unwittingly!

After our visit with the doctor, we stopped by the new True Value Hardware store in Canandaigua,  We are so happy to have this new store, as hardware stores seem to have become a thing of the past!  But, what was even better was the fact that as I went into this store, I was amazed at the amount of goods made in the USA! Like many others, I have become so unhappy with the number of items at stores with tiny stickers on them, reading “Made in China”.

I had originally gone into the store to buy a new hummingbird feeder.  I had a large one for many years, but it finally broke.  I wanted a very small feeder, as we really don’t get many hummingbirds at our feeders.  If the sugar water sits in the sun too long, it will actually grow mold.  I constantly am changing out the mix so this doesn’t happen. Instead of throwing out a huge amount of food, I would rather have a small feeder and have to make up batches more frequently.

Looking around the store, I found an 8 ounce feeder that is US made.  The price was $9.99 and Mark looked online and discovered that was a good price.  He also found a coupon for a purchase over $25.00.  I browsed back to the seasonal aisles, as I had seen some flip flops that had caught my eye.

Although these flip flops are not as “cushy” as Crocs, they are made of a lightweight material.  Their price is $19.99, which is a good bit cheaper than Crocs as well.  Not *only* that, but these Sloggers are US made! I wore them all afternoon yesterday and I really like them!  I am flip flops all summer long….I get so uncomfortable in the heat of summer and wearing a regular shoe is out of the question!

I took my two items to the register.  The girl there told me if I signed up for a rewards card, I would get $5.00 off my next purchase.  I bought the feeder, then bought the flip flops separately, saving $5.00.   Wow, i am so impressed!  I like this store!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, kicking off the summer season.  We plan to hang around the house and open the pool and do some odd jobs at the house.  We do want to go camping next week, too.

Michelle has completed her year at Rochester Institute of Technology! It seems to have gone by so fast!  She did well, maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  At the end, she was stressed out.  The school, set up in “quarters” as opposed to “semesters” , is intense and students either love it or leave and go elsewhere.  The quarters are intense and requirements are high.

Michelle has to work a total of two quarters (20 weeks) to complete her requirements for graduation at RIT.  She decided to apply to three different companies….she was offered a job at all three.  In talking with us, she is thinking she will take this summer off and relax and then possibly work at least one quarter next fall.  We have assured her she needn’t hurry, as she could graduate at age 20, two years sooner than more people!

Well, the sun is shining and I think I will enjoy a bit of it!  It has been so overcast the past couple of days!


Okay, so I did willingly decide to do this little trail today.  Even though the sky was growing ever more dark and foreboding! Michelle had gotten a call from her boyfriend saying that he, his sisters, and his mom were going to hike Grimes Glen today. 

Michelle got home and as she got ready to meet Jacob and his family, she asked if I wanted to hike along.  I thought about it, but was unsure.  I would decide when we got there.   I decided to take along my “old” Nikon D-80 camera.  I have a (cheap) telephoto lens for that camera that I mounted on for the trip.

We got to the glen and I decided to give the trail a go.  Before setting out, though, I sprayed everything I could with bug repellent.  The last thing I wanted was to be mosquito food.  Within minutes, we were off!

I had kind of forgotten just how the paths work along the water. 

The girls enjoyed getting into the water, with the younger (in pink) really enjoying it!  She didn’t mind getting wet all over at all!

It wasn’t too long into the trail that it became evident we were going to have to crossthe water!  Holy mackerel! I was wearing a pair of Skecher sneakers, so that wasn’t a real problem, but did I want to step into the COLD water? With a camera around my neck?  Did you SEE that current??? Well, oush came to shove and I manned up and by golly, I crossed that water.  Several times!

We walked along, crossing back and forth.  The only semi-embarrassing moment came as I was “hopping” over two small trees that were horizontal over the water.  Forgetting that I am not tall like Jacob’s mom, I hopped over and one leg got stuck between the two trees.  Yikes!!!  I was able to slide forward a little and free the leg and I was good to go again. 

Oh, by the way!  I forgot to say….I was wearing a skirt!!! 

We got back to the first falls.  Jacob was there first.

i don’t know if it is a sign of old age, or what, but as I looked up, I nearly fell into the water!  I got so dizzy watching that waterfall! It must have been about fifty feet of drop.  There is a ledge and Jacob convinced his sisters and mom to join him there.  I stayed down to photograph.  Yup.

I really tried to get the whole waterfall, but it was impossible!  I stepped back in the second photo (above) but I still couldn’t get Jacob’s family in the photo along with the top of the thing!

Did I mention we had to keep crossing this water?

We continued on until we reached the second waterfall.  I think it is even higher than the first.  It was pretty impressive and as we reached it,  it began raining cats and dogs!! 

As Jacob and the girls played around in the water,  Michelle asked if I wanted to head back to the car?  YES!

(This was where Michelle surmised it was raining!)

We carefully made our way back…I was no longer worrying about slipping in the water, but about my camera!  I stuffed it and my cell phone inside my wimpy little cotton sweater.  Thankfully, the way back seemed much shorter than the way there!  Michelle and I threw off our outer clothes and sat back to relax. Michelle had not only Jacob’s car keys, but his mom’s as well.

We were only in the car a short time when everyone came back.   What an adventure.  If I had know it was going to rain like that,  I think I might have skipped.  But, all in all, it really was a fun little outing, after all!

Ummm…Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Yesterday afternoon, Mark and I decided to take just a little ride out in the country. 

We drove along, enjoying the scenery, when Mark had to make a brief stop.  I cannot even remember why he needed to stop, but he pulled into a gas station that was obviously closed.  Of course, whenever the car comes to a stop,  I always look around just to make sure I’m not missing anything to capture in a photo!

Sure enough, stretched out on a bench in front of the store was a very sleepy kitty!  I got the camera out and snapped some photos.  As I was lowering the camera, a very strange and scary thought came to my mind.  That cat didn’t budge….not one inch….as I lowered the window to take the photos.  Nor did the cat respond to my “meowing” and calling out “Here, Kitty, Kitty!”

I looked at Mark, suddenly feeling as though someone had slapped me in the face.  Mark, did I just photograph a DEAD cat? Mark, reading my mind told me to watch the cat….slowly, we could see the ribs of the cat rising up with the inhaltion of air.  Phew!

The Great Blue

Heron, that is!

Late yesterday afternoon,  Mark and I went down to Woodville to see what was up. I got out of the car and walked around.  The only wildlife present appeared to be Red-Winged Blackbirds.  Bah! Mark worked on his laptop while I walked back and forth like a restless caged lion.

I came back to the car to grumble. Nothing was around. No ducks. No geese. No flowers….nothing.  Mark told me sometimes you just have to be patient.  So, I sat.  And sat.

Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, a Great Blue Heron cruised across the sky.  It was flying rather low, so I poised the camera and began shooting.

These photos were okay, I guess. but I was a bit disappointed.  I don’t like “fiddling” around with photos. I like to get the shot right directly with the camera without tinkering around with color, contrast, and so on.   The lighting was kind of cruddy and it shows in the photos.

I went back to the car and sat again.  I didn’t see where the Heron went, but it seemed to magically appear once again.  It looked like it was irritated by a passing Gull and was chasing after it.  I hopped out of the car again and this time, I was much happier!  I thought these last three photos were far better than the first ones!

The was the first of the last three photos, and I did crop it because I used it for my photo journal. I loved the way the wings were spanned out! The last two photos, I didn’t crop so much but wanted to leave some of the “environment” in the photo.  I love the wings and the legs.

Herons are so gangly….they look kind of funny!  But, they are so large, they really catch your eye!

So, the moral of the story here was to just sit and (try to) be patient!  Mark reminded me that one evening while he was sitting in Woodville, one of the Eagles passed by him, overhead! Which reminds me that one of these days, things need to settle down a little so I can go kayaking again!!!

Eek! I’m Behind


I’m not really doing too badly, though, as I am sludging through lots of stuff!  Consider the fact that we were not home from morning till evening last Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday….well, we’ve been on the move! Yesterday, I raked leaves out of the ditch alongside the driveway.  Not having any snow last winter meant that all the autumn leaves have just blown here, there, and wherever, and many landed in that ditch…

After my raking job, I went to work on lunch, making some really good Buffalo Chicken sandwiches for lunch, along with green beans cooked in butter and granulated garlic.  I made the buns for the sandwiches, along with the Buffalo Wing Sauce and Bleu Cheese Dressing.  Even though I have made these things before, it does take time. And effort!

It was after two before I finished cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes.  From there, I headed out to clean the Subaru.  We had been using the car a lot and I hadn’t vacuumed it or given it a good cleaning in a while.  I think I forgot just how long it actually takes to clean a car from top to bottom! One of the reasons I initially felt compelled to clean it was because our Ruby Red car was looking green from all the pollen all over it!  Unfortunately, today it is looking like more pollen has settled on it…..

Ah well….

I thought I would post some photos taken on Mother’s Day.  We went to visit my parents and had a great time, as always!

Yes, I know it’s freaky, but I rarely take photos of people.  I really have a hard time of it, as I am never satisfied with my people photos.  I am not stealthy enough to take pics “on the sly” and when people pose for me, I always get annoyed…

I did get an awesome photo of one of my very favorite flowers in my parents’ yard, namely a white Columbine.

hahaha….I didn’t do any tinkering with that photo!  The sky had gone to a pale shade of “colorless” late in the afternoon. I wanted to photograph the flower, so I decided to sneak off and get my photo!  I had to lie down on my back on the grass to get this…..why is it Columbines hang their heads???

On Monday, we went over to visit with Mark’s mom for awhile.  We got her a hanging basket with tuber Begonias.  I had looked all over the place for a pretty basket, and it was so hard to find!  We finally stopped at a nursery not too far from my mother-in-law’s house and it was the only one they had.  Needless to say, I snatched it as soon as I spotted it!!!  I had looked while we were in Henrietta at Lowe’s, WalMart, and some other stores, but all the baskets looked lop-sided and just wimpy!

I did manage to find a Fuchsia I liked, though.  I always have one on the front porch.  The Hummingbirds love them and so do I!  I like Fuchsias that are out of the ordinary, and this one is!  I love the little flowers.

Today, Mark and Michelle were off to Rochester.  I had a few loads of laundry to do, along with some other things, so I have been busy today! I got two loads of laundry done, made another batch of buns for steak, pepper, and onion sandwiches for dinner,  and washed the ATV’s. 

Well, that’s it for now!