In Downtown Rochester

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle had an interview for an internship job.  At Rochester Institute of Technology, it is mandatory that students work for two ten week periods at a business in their field of study before they can graduate. Michelle is majoring in Business Management and she is thinking she might like to hone in on Human Relations.

As an aside, when we picked Michelle up after she was done at school, she was so excited.  She has a class that is somewhat “difficult”. (She has told us that one of the major differences between the community college she attended and RIT is that the students at RIT are more focused and are striving to achieve good great grades.) The professor noted that the scores on a test  handed back ranged from 58% to 93%.  Michelle got a 93%.

We had some time to kill before Michelle had her interview downtown.

I have this “strange” concept of downtown Rochester.  I imagine it is safe if one is always alert to safety!  When Mark and I were first married, we lived very close to the downtown area.  Even though it was a stone’s throw away, I never, ever explored it! The area where we lived, I had to always make sure that the doors were securely locked every time we left home….or even went outside!  Just before Mark and I were married, I went to his house to do laundry.  I was in and out of the house, cooking steaks on a grill.  I went down to the basement to put the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, and there was a young man in the basement, stealing some of Mark’s  tools! Another time, someone broke into my car to steal my radio. (Now you know why we live in the woods!)

We  dropped Michelle at a very nice building on a small street off Main Street.  The area was extremely clean and neat!  Michelle had been given information about where to park, so Mark and I sat in the car  in the parking lot while Michelle was inside.  As I sat there, I asked Mark if it might be safe for me to take some photos.  He asked *which* camera I might be toting around and when I told him the little micro 4/3’ds, he told me just to not look too conspicuous. Off I went!

The wind yesterday was ridiculous!  I struggled to hold the camera steady on many shots. I am not exaggerating at all…I had no idea it was going to be so windy!! But, I did manage to get some photos!

This lovely pillar sat alongside the road where Michelle’s interview was. Nice to be formally “greeted”!  And, Rochester is indeed a city rich in history. It is shameful that there is so much crime there now.

A view of some of the buildings downtown.

This building, with its Mansard style roof really intrigued me. Seeing the sign “Leasing” made me wonder just what they were leasing?  Michelle has a dream to buy a loft downtown and live there.  Argh.  I cannot imagine it…while we were there, it was so annoying, hearing emergency vehicles constantly screaming either off in the distance, or down our street.  We “even” heard gunshot.  In fact, the year we moved to our new home, Mark’s dad showed us a news article, showing there had been nine murders that year within about an area two miles square, of our old house. Downtown just isn’t my idea of “nice”!

I looped around to the front of the building that was leasing, only to find is was next door to this beautful Victorian-styled church!  The tree with its abundant blossoms kind of diminishes the beauty of this church, but if you enlarge it, you can see just how beautiful it is!

This is the front side of the building that is leasing!  Oh, what an awesome building this is! Please do click to enlarge it….The lentils over the windows are incredible! There is a “badge” on the left side, top, that I think, reads 1873.  This building is so stunning, but in need of some major repairs.  I noticed windows missing here and there.  What a shame that such an incredible building has been let go. Located in a beautiful setting, I can imagine that this building would lend itself to some fantastic luxury apartments, if it were not too far gone on the interior.

Just down the street, and around the corner, I found this plaque, giving information about the quaint church i had seen!

I had not wandered too far, when I saw yet another interesting old building….

Wow.  This building was very interesting, indeed.  What was it originally?  I discovered the poster below in a nearby storefront and photographed it.

Well, the building a was HUGE store, built by two Scotsmen! Today, it has a sign that calls it “City Place”. Not sure about what it is, but the building is beautiful and very impressive in size, even by today’s standards!

I have mentioned previously that Rochester boasts a rather amazing Lilac Festival each year, in May.  The city has pretty flags sporting lilacs hanging about..

Rochester is also home of the prestigious Hochstein Scool of Music.

I was rather enjoying my little walkabout. Mark had told me that although Rochester is a fairly large city, the downtown area is “condensed”, rather than sprawling, making it easy to visit several areas within walking distance.  I wasn’t gone for more than maybe half an hour, and I saw so much of the city!

As I passed by an art supply store, I noticed these two dummies.

I circled back around to the lot where Mark sat. Off in the distance, I saw something pertaining to where my own love for photography began,

That is the Kodak building.  Kodak.  My very first experience with a Kodak camera was with my parents’  Kodak Reflex II camera. From that, I became so modern with my camera that touted a 126 mm casette and one of those hideous “cube” flashes! Ah, the memories!

I walked down to a turn on Cascade Drive, where I found not only this really cool clock,

but also another nifty view!  I love the sign welcoming folks to downtown Rochester, with the Kodak building off in the not too far distance.  I was not so thrilled that as soon as I got my shot staged, a big ole train came barreling along with those ugly, ugly black tanker cars!

I felt compelled to take this next photo, because the clouds surrounding the tree made it look like the tree had a halo! Let me tell you, that tree may look like an angelic thing with its beautifully innocent white flowers, but the thing stunk! How something so pretty could smell so foul….

And, just a couple more shots…

One of the coolest parts to taking this look at that city was that as I was taking the photos, people would stop walking and take a look at what I was photographing.  If nothing else, I made people stop for just a second, to look at something they might have passed a million times, yet never really saw!  That is one of the things that I love about photographing the world around me…not only do I look at things differently, but I cause others to have a look as well!

And, of course,  I was more than happy to see this…

at day’s end.  Life is so nice in the Bristolwood!

Dropping by!

Key operative word: dropping!!!!

We have been so busy lately with this, that, and the other thing.  Yesterday, we ate dinner a little after six.  By eight, I was passed out, sound asleep.  And, I slept until 6:30 this morning!  Yes, I think I have been a little sleep-deprived.  There is always something more to do, and it seems like sleep is low man on the totem pole!

Today, we went to visit my parents for Easter.  We had a marvelous day for travel.  It was bright and sunny all the way to their house.  We went to the rod and gun club for a spectacular dinner….I had a Queen cut Prime Rib. Someone made a mistake, because I think I got half a side of beef, instead!  The prime rib on my plate looked more like a ROAST!  I am so disappointed I didn’t photograph my dinner…I was too busy eating!

We visited for a few hours and it rained during that time.  Then the sun would break out from behind thick clouds. Strange weather, for sure.  We made it home by nine tonight, and there was no rain the whole way home.  Although there were cloudy skies on the way home, at our house, the sky was clear, and there were endless stars!

Just a couple of photos from today…


Yup, Remarkable Randy managed to find me one wonderful Chocolate Scottie Dog!!!  Of course, Randy and the kids were joking around about whether or not I would actually eat the Scottie Dog.  Hmmm…..

And, one photo taken from the rear view mirror on our way home….

Just look at those cool clouds!

And, as a *bonus*, we got some good news when we arrived home.  Let me back up a bit.  When we arrived at my parents’ house, my father was in so much pain!  He said his right leg was hurting so much, he could barely walk.  He even thought perhaps he would stay home while my mom, Randy, and our family went out to eat.

Well, Dad did come with us, and I for one, was happy he came. 

When we got back to their house, I asked Dad if he might talk with his neighbor…he is a massage therapist and he has a business not too far away.  Well, since it was Sunday and a holiday at that,  my dad didn’t want to bother.  After we left, Randy went over to their house and talked to Jim.  He came over and worked on Dad’s leg.  After he was done,  Dad said the pain was reduced and he could walk on the leg again!  I am so happy!!!

It is amazing the work that was done for us on that cross that we celebrate every Easter.  It is so hard to imagine how God’s love for us can be so personal.  And yet, not only can we count on a heavenly reward, but in this life, He gives us the people and answers we often need!  What greater love?

It *was* all a joke, after all!

Yesterday’s bone-chillin’ miserable weather really was an April Fool’s joke!

We left for Rochester early this morning, escorted the entire way by glorious sunshine AND luscious blue skies! It didn’t matter that it wasn’t as warm as earlier this year, because the sun’s warmth was enough to generate warmth from within! 

So, now that you know the kind of day we had,  here are random photos taken today with the Nikon….

As you can see, the sun was with us the entire day and it really was quite an awesome sunset from the upstairs window!

Not so Funny…..

Well, you be the judge….

Yes, for April Fool’s we got snow!  It was interesting…..This morning, I was watching some Home and Garden television, when my peripheral vision saw something moving.  I turned to look out the window and it was snowing, but not like “normal” snow.  The flakes were so random one here,another there, and they were huge! 

Throughout the day, the snow turned to rain and all melted.  Then, it would begin to snow once again.  Rain. Snow.  I don’t mind snow, but this stuff is dangerous!  It is really slippery and if one isn’t paying attention, it would be very easy to take a spill! Ah well. 

Springtime in New York State.  That’s how she rolls….

Oh, and about the previous post….Jeanne had some oral surgery on Thursday.  Hers was much more extensive than anything I had done, so if you would, I am sure she would appreciate any and all prayers on her behalf!  Thank you!