Be Still My Heart!

To have a good day photographing things I love is so wonderful.  But,  let me tell you….Saturday was GOLDEN!  I don’t know when I have felt so satisfied taking pictures as I did Saturday!  AND, I entered a photo on my daily journal and…..I was sooooo tired, I turned my trusty little netbook off.  As the little netbook went to sleep, suddenly, several popups came up stating that my netbook was infected with a virus!

I was so sleepy, I rested my head on my pillow and was asleep instantly.  Or, so it seems!

Sunday morning, I took the little netbook to Mark and asked if he could repair it!  Of course he could, but he had a few things to do first.  Last night, Ben brought the netbook to me, but when I tried to connect it online, it was a no go.  Mark told me that the virus attacked something that allows the computer to connect to the internet and he would need to do a little more work on it.  So…while Mark is working on the netbook, he told me to go ahead and use his laptop.

I don’t know where to begin, but here I go!

I went for a little walk up the road Saturday afternoon.  I was hoping to spot some birds.  To my disappointment, I didn’t even hear any birds.  As I passed by an area of bramble and brush, I stopped and heard Chickadees.  Don’t laugh, but I kind of made bird sounds, and to my surprise, they came out!  They even crossed the road, landing in some areas that made it possible for me to get some great photo ops!

The lighting was so terrific!  I have never gotten such good shots at birds!  Living in the woods is great, but the lighting is usually not the same as having wide open spaces! I walked about, losing track of time until Mark pulled up in the car and asked if I wanted to go for a ride with him to Canandaigua.


I spotted a pair of Scaups floating about on a large pond behind several businesses in Canandaigua.  I had been seeing a huge group of what I thought was some type of duck on that pond, but was never able to identify them!  That is, until this pair came close enough for me to get some fairly good photos. I just love the look of the male!

I just love seeing waterfowl and identifying them.  The male Scaup almost looks like a caricature and a happy little fellow at that!  Mark and I saw them as we sat eating a sandwich behind Arby’s.  I had a few little scraps of bread crumbs left and I spotted some Canada Geese off a ways away.  Well, I told Mark I wanted to just say hello and give them a little nibble on the crumbs so I walked on over without my camera.

As I got closer and closer, something weird happened.  One of the geese got up and hissed like crazy at me.  This is goose talk for, Come any closer, lady, and I will NAIL you! It was then the goose got up and exposed a teeny tiny little gosling it had snuggled under it!  My heart nearly fell out as I raced back to the truck for my camera.  Breathlessly, I explained to Mark I needed my camera.  I still had just a tiny piece of bread crumb in my hand, so I would try to get just close enough for a picture or two of the gosling.

Well, I was greeted with more hissing and alert goose parents!  But I did get close enough with the telephoto for this…..

I would venture to say this youngster was maybe a day or two old.  Being a single gosling, it was probably the first to hatch.  I know, I know. I am a real nature freak and even though I have seen so many of these little ones, I am still awed each and every time I see one. Understanding that I had ruffled the parents a bit, I went back to the truck, no wanting to wear out my welcome.

Mark and I sat a bit and then I saw the goose parents enter the pond.  Oh glory!  I HAD to run back over to see if the itty bitty baby was afloat as well! (poor Mark, I know….)

Aren’t these adorable?

And, I will interject that in the past, I had geese, so I do understand them and can read them fairly well.   I certainly know when to keep my distance!

We enjoyed our time but it was time to head back home.  As we drove past a large marshy area near Cheshire, I asked Mark to slow down just a bit.  I had seen a single goose floating in the shallow water there last year, and I wondered if there might be geese nesting there.  As we passed by the end of the water, Mark asked if geese typically build a large nest like the one he saw.  Unfortunately, I missed it, so he turned around and went back.

I have to admit, I had to look hard.  Where was the goose he had seen?

With the telephoto lens attached, I could see the goose.  She had ducked low to make herself less visible!  And just look how well she is camouflaged! It appeared the goose had built her nest on top of some type of lodge…perhaps Muskrat or Beaver.  The nest was really up in the air!

Well, as thrilled as I am taking photos of nature, you can see just why I was so excited about my “big day”!

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