Romantic Canandaigua

Late yesterday afternoon, Mark and I went for a little ride to Canandaigua. The sun was heading more and more westerly, creating lighting that is a photographer’s dream.  The day had been so gloomy and ugly, but as sunset was approaching, the skies cleared and everything was awash in the beautiful sunshine!  We parked the truck and I hopped out….the thing I didn’t account for was the wind!  Wow!!! It was pretty chilly walking around, but I just couldn’t resist!

Unfortunately for me, I missed one really golden photo op.  A woman walked by the front of the truck along the path, carrying a tennis racquet.  Soon, her companion came running up next to her, tennis ball clenched in his teeth.  Apparently, the woman used the racquet to “serve” the ball into the lake and the dog would fetch!  He seemed so happy as he bounced along, his coat drippy and matted! The pair was walking briskly along and I only noticed them after they were pretty far away…..

Ah well, the only description that seemed to fit the photos was “romantic”! Canandaigua is so charming and the north end of the lake is so pretty…