A Good Dose of Spring

Whine, whine, whine…..

After enjoying all the beautiful weather we have been blessed with, we are now experiencing some chilly temperatures. And snow. Yes, just this morning, we got a “dusting”.  You understand that I love the winter, but this is the end of April.  I don’t enjoy seeing the flowers and bushes get roughed up!  So….

I decided to post some springlike photos I took last week. Michelle had an interview in downtown Rochester (again) so the camera and I wandered around just a bit.  I was afraid to go too far, lest my skirt fly up into my face!  Yes, it was very windy that day!  So, here are some downtown photos….

Wow…I took quite a few photos in such a short amount of time! 

Michelle called and said she was done, so Mark and I headed over to pick her up.  Upon picking her up, I did something unusual for me. 

I suffer from an affliction called I never open my mouth and tell the family what I want to do. I am accused of this on a regular basis….the family insists that if I want/need something, I need to tell them.  And so, I asked if perchance Highland Park wasn’t *too* far away?  In checking with GPS, we discovered it was “only a couple miles away”. Now, I was really excited. 

Blue skies. Puffy white clouds. Lots of sunshine.  Wow, all these conditions add up to a nice opportunity to take photos. Highland Park on a really nice day….how could I not love this!  (Sorry, but you, Dear Reader, are about to get innundated with photos. You ARE forewarned!)

I have previously mentioned that Rochester is famous for its Lilac Festival.  I think I read the festival begins May 11 this year.  I am including photos of some Lilacs I took at the park.  As you can see, the Lilacs were out pretty much, already.  I am wondering what they are going to look like in a couple of weeks….I am thinking they may be spent by then! And yes, the fastival takes place in Highland Park.

I sure covered a lot of territory in a short amount of time. I was only at the park for about half an hour.

On the way home, we passed by the Erie Canal, so I thought perhaps I should take a quick peek there as well.  Don’t worry…there are only a few pictures left!

I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods. but I feel better just seeing these photos!  It’s like a breath of fresh spring air!

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  1. Oh MY! These photos just take my breath away!!! I loved working downtown…have many great memories of lunches spent on the lawn in the park there. Your Highland Park pics are awesome! Can’t wait for the festival!!! Such beautiful flowers!! I am kind of obsessed with my new lens right now!! Glad you SPOKE UP!! Good for you!!

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