I Know that the Subject is Taboo…

but, let’s talk about weather!

Yes, I remember years ago when I began this blogging journey, one of the points I read was that one shouldn’t talk about the weather.  But c’mon!  We are winding down to the last week in April and we got slammed!!!

Here is a photo of our pretty double white Lilacs taken last week.  As you can see, the flowers were beginning to open.  They were so pretty and I felt sorry for them as that COLD rain fell on them. (Little did I know what was in store!!!!)

Nice SPRING type of photo. And, now….

What greeted me and my camera this morning…

That is my Lilac bush as it appeared this morning before Ben and I went out to shake what we thought was just snow off the branches.  Actually, the bush had a good deal of ice on it as well.  Of course, not knowing the outcome of this weather on the bush, I went out with scissors and cut out a nice bouquet and…it is adding a lovely fragrance to the living room!

I warmed the bouquet up in some tepid water to remove all the ice crystals!

And, here’s a look at scenes around the house this morning.

Now, of course, if this snow was, in say, October, I would be jumping for joy, thinking that we might have a long and wonder-filled snowmobile season.  But April?

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  1. I sure can relate! We got about five inches or so….and are not happy about the way our lilacs are doing either. The pictures you took are beautiful though and the smell of fresh lilacs is intoxicating! Let us hope that we are snow free from now on!

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