Speaking of *Strange*…

With temperatures soaring well into the mid to upper eighties yesterday, it was hard to believe it is only spring in New York.  But, such was the case.

As I looked at the forecast for today, it called for high fifties.  Really?  Hard to believe!

When we got home last night,  the skies were dark and pretty angry looking.  Ben kept commenting that is was “supposed” to rain yesterday, although we had seen none.  It was getting darker and darker out and I noticed the sky had become a “strange” sort of color.  This made me think back to when I was a girl….I ‘m not sure whether it was ever officially termed a “tornado”, but one day, the atmosphere became very “heavy” and everything turned a weird greenish color.  My mother made us go down to the basement.  Winds roared, and while we were down in the basement, a huge Maple tree in front of our house came down!  It landed so neatly, in our neigbors’ driveway, right between our house and theirs! No costly damage was done, thankfully. 

Just as our day was coming to a close, and the sun was heading over the hills to the west,  the wind blew and the skies opened up!  Although the rain wasn’t a pounding rain, it was substantial.

The entire time that the rain fell, the sun continued to shine on.  This was so unusual! 

The bedroom window was open but the rain wasn’t coming in at all. 

I watched the rain and sunshine for a long time, then decided to take a bath. Afterward, I went into Michelle’s room.  I looked out her window and exclaimed, “OH my GOODNESS!!!!”

Michelle freaked out, asking me what was wrong!

Of course, I was gone!  I grabbed my camera and headed downstairs as fast as I could.  It is a rare day, indeed, to see this, after all….

Rainbows appear in so many places, but with all the trees we have here in the Bristolwood (and our lack of bright and sunny days!) we don’t see too many rainbows!

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  1. What a FABULOUS rainbow shot! This weather had better settle down…it’s driving me crazy!! Never know what to wear! Glad Mark felt he was at a buffet! Ben’s still finishing leftovers!! Great time Kae…as always!!! Look forward to the next time!!

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