Dropping by!

Key operative word: dropping!!!!

We have been so busy lately with this, that, and the other thing.  Yesterday, we ate dinner a little after six.  By eight, I was passed out, sound asleep.  And, I slept until 6:30 this morning!  Yes, I think I have been a little sleep-deprived.  There is always something more to do, and it seems like sleep is low man on the totem pole!

Today, we went to visit my parents for Easter.  We had a marvelous day for travel.  It was bright and sunny all the way to their house.  We went to the rod and gun club for a spectacular dinner….I had a Queen cut Prime Rib. Someone made a mistake, because I think I got half a side of beef, instead!  The prime rib on my plate looked more like a ROAST!  I am so disappointed I didn’t photograph my dinner…I was too busy eating!

We visited for a few hours and it rained during that time.  Then the sun would break out from behind thick clouds. Strange weather, for sure.  We made it home by nine tonight, and there was no rain the whole way home.  Although there were cloudy skies on the way home, at our house, the sky was clear, and there were endless stars!

Just a couple of photos from today…


Yup, Remarkable Randy managed to find me one wonderful Chocolate Scottie Dog!!!  Of course, Randy and the kids were joking around about whether or not I would actually eat the Scottie Dog.  Hmmm…..

And, one photo taken from the rear view mirror on our way home….

Just look at those cool clouds!

And, as a *bonus*, we got some good news when we arrived home.  Let me back up a bit.  When we arrived at my parents’ house, my father was in so much pain!  He said his right leg was hurting so much, he could barely walk.  He even thought perhaps he would stay home while my mom, Randy, and our family went out to eat.

Well, Dad did come with us, and I for one, was happy he came. 

When we got back to their house, I asked Dad if he might talk with his neighbor…he is a massage therapist and he has a business not too far away.  Well, since it was Sunday and a holiday at that,  my dad didn’t want to bother.  After we left, Randy went over to their house and talked to Jim.  He came over and worked on Dad’s leg.  After he was done,  Dad said the pain was reduced and he could walk on the leg again!  I am so happy!!!

It is amazing the work that was done for us on that cross that we celebrate every Easter.  It is so hard to imagine how God’s love for us can be so personal.  And yet, not only can we count on a heavenly reward, but in this life, He gives us the people and answers we often need!  What greater love?