Not so Funny…..

Well, you be the judge….

Yes, for April Fool’s we got snow!  It was interesting…..This morning, I was watching some Home and Garden television, when my peripheral vision saw something moving.  I turned to look out the window and it was snowing, but not like “normal” snow.  The flakes were so random one here,another there, and they were huge! 

Throughout the day, the snow turned to rain and all melted.  Then, it would begin to snow once again.  Rain. Snow.  I don’t mind snow, but this stuff is dangerous!  It is really slippery and if one isn’t paying attention, it would be very easy to take a spill! Ah well. 

Springtime in New York State.  That’s how she rolls….

Oh, and about the previous post….Jeanne had some oral surgery on Thursday.  Hers was much more extensive than anything I had done, so if you would, I am sure she would appreciate any and all prayers on her behalf!  Thank you!