Just Another Awesome Day at the Bay….

Naw, not really.  I was only there for a short period of time.

Mark and I drove up to Mark’s mom’s today to take her to another doctor appointment.  While she was at the hospital, Mark and I went over to visit briefly with a friend of ours who lives just a short distance from the hospital.  He has an awesome three wheel motorcycle that he showed us.  It was amazing…..it is a custom build.

After Mark’s mom callled for us to pick her up, we decided to go down to Irondequoit Bay to grab cheeseburgers for lunch.  It was actually a late lunch, but burgers sounded good to all three of us!  The store we went to is located at the bay, so I was pretty excited to see just what waterfowl might greet us (or not) this time.

We finished lunch, then wandered on over near the boat launch.  Wow!  There were so many birds!  It was a great adventure, because it seemed like they were all waiting for me and my camera.  They were all very friendly, posing and just being their beautiful selves!

I won’t comment any further.  The photos speak for themselves.

I told Mark and his mom they could just leave me at the bay for a few hours. I just love being around the water and these birds.  I saw one pair of Swans that looked like they were courting….they kept rubbing their heads together, forming a perfect heart shape!  I totally missed the whole thing because my SD card was full!  DRAT!