What a Great Day!

Yesterday had to have been one of the most awesome days in a while! 

I had some ridding up to do to get my house in order in the morning.  Things have a way of walking off and finding new homes at my house.   I know this isn’t anything major, but there are times when it drives me batty!  Anyway, I was excited because our friends, Jeanne and Ben were coming over!

They came by at two. Jeanne had warned up not to eat too much lunch because they were bringing a snack!  I had made up a fresh batch of pesto, something I’ve not done in a long time!  I put that out with crackers but Jeanne and Ben brought CHEESCAKE!  Woohoo!  Jeanne even brought plates and forks!  Talk about a planner!!!!

We ate that fabulous cheesecake, then Ben and Mark played their guitars while Jeanne and I sat out on the porch.  We had our usual great time…..the air was warm and there was a gentle breeze blowing across the porch.  We could not have planned a better day!  As we sat and talked, Ben and Mark played through an open window, and Jeanne and I were impressed by the music!

The only problem was that the time passed by much too quickly and Jeanne and Ben were leaving.  They have two adorable Bichons and one of the little ones is afraid of the thunder.  As the day progressed, the weather became more threatening, so they had to get back to the girls!

I was so disappointed when they left,  I asked Mark to take me to Arby’s.  They have a 2 for $4 fish sandwich special.  The kids and Mark love these sandwiches, which are quite large!  Mark agreed and we were off to Canandaigua.  As we pulled into Arby’s, rain let loose and we got quite a nice rainfall.  However, over to the west,  the sun was shining. Brightly!

We got our sandwiches and pulled around to the back of Arby’s.  There is a huge pond behind the stores located on a strip that parallels Routes 5&20.  Across the pond is a water park.  We sat there, looking and looking for a rainbow, but none was found. I did *have* to get out to take a picture, though…..

I love the colors in this photo….the sky, the blazing sun, the bike, and the bike’s reflection in the puddle just grabbed my eye!  As I returned to the car,  there “it” was!

Yes!  A rainbow finally appeared.  I took so many photos. I loved the fact that the little ducks were there.  If you are familiar with the movie Babe, this setting reminded me so much of Farmer Hoggett’s farm!  The ducks were just a little added bonus!

Well, all good things must come to an end, and we needed to get to WalMart.  Mark needed an HDMI cable, so we left and headed east.  The WalMart/Lowe’s stores are located on a sort of plateau…they and their parking lots rise up a bit off Routes 5&20.  As we drove west into the lot,  I just had to take one more photo!

Take a look at that sky!  It was just so beautiful!  Even with buildings, utility lines, and cars in the photo, this was just too good to pass up! What a great way to end an awesome day!

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  1. You beat me to it! Great post Kae…the days always seem to go by so very fast!!! You sure did get some awesome pictures!! Can’t wait to get together again!! The pesto was fabulous…I had some for dinner!

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