Oh, your lucky day!


Our weather has been extraordinary.  Well, at least for those fond of summer.  Not so for the likes of me.  I am still bemoaning the lack of snowfall this winter.  Yes, go ahead and call me a poor sport, but I just do not care for hot weather.

Anyway….this morning, I went outside and was looking at the garden out front.  Magically, literally overnight, my Daffodills have gone from large green bulbous “heads” to Iamgoingtoopenanyminute buds!  The bad news is, all my glorious and brightly colored Crocuses are meeting their demise.  Apparently, the too warm temperatures not only apply to me, but also to Crocuses!

So…in tribute to my lovely Crocuses,  I will show you photos I took of them.  They were so beautiful!

I know…I showed my flowers in a post before.  But, I have some really cool photos!

While the Crocuses were in their glory, the honeybees were working like crazy, gathering pollen! 

I really like gatting good shots of the bees working, but in this last photo, there were actually three bees all working on the same flower!

Yesterday was another relaxing day. The day culminated with Mark and I going out to dinner in Canandaigua with some old friends of ours!  We met our friends, the Copenings and the Lucianos at a fantastic Italian restaurant downtown, called Casa de Pasta.  The food was truly amazing!  The best part, though, was visiting with our friends whom we have not seen in years! We made our minds up that we certainly will not allow years to pass again before we see these friends! It is terrible how we get so busy that we lose contact with those who mean so much to us!

Our evening ended relatively early, as the Lucianos had a bit of a drive home.  The sun was setting over the surrounding hills, so I asked Mark to pull up onto the City Pier once again.  I have rarely been disappointed by Canandaigua sunsets.

And, once again, the sunset was wonderful!

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  1. AWESOME shots of the pier!! Of course, I truly enjoyed seeing those crocuses and daffs LIVE!! I still can’t believe this weather!

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