Can it really be?

Can spring be arriving early this year?

I looked back at my blog….it began in July of 2006. I wanted to see when the earliest photo of a Crocus was published. It seems the earliest post was dated March 22. Yesterday, I used this photo for my photo journal, stating I could not believe the Crocuses were beginning to show their colors. I figured in a few days, the flowers would be open….

Surpise. surprise…..this was taken today!

And this…..

Even though winter is my favorite season, spring really is a pretty time of the year with leaves and flowers and such. I don’t look forward at all to the bugs…especially mosquitoes.

Yesterday, Murphy and I went over to Honeoye so I could pick up a couple of things I needed at the store. Well, to get out of the house, too. When I was looking at the meat department, I found a little package of marrow bones. The bones were small ones that would be perfect for Murphy.

When we got back home, Murphy and I sat on the front porch just enjoying the warmth of the day. I got one of the bones out for Murphy and he gnawed and worked away for a couple of hours. I like giving him these bones because they really do help to keep a dog’s teeth clean.

The only problem with the raw bones is that the family gets all squeamish and grossed out by “raw meat”. Ah well, Murphy gets a good beard washing and all is well!