Two Posts Monday!

Yes, today is two post day!  That is partly because my little netbook went out online and caught a virus on Friday evening! I have no idea what I did or where I went to make that happen….I went to the same places I always go, but ended up with a stupid popup that warned me of the twelve viruses my computer picked up.  For a mere $79.99,  they would magically disappear!

I knew better than to proceed, so I shut the computer off and told Mark about it.  He was busy with paperwork on Saturday, so I didn’t want to bother him to fix the computer.  On Sunday morning, it only took him about twenty minutes to rectify the situation.  I am so happy he knows how to eliminate these bothersome bugs!

After fixing the netbook, we decided a Sunday drive was in order.  Destination: Geneva.  Before we went out, I washed the Subaru to get rid of the grungy salt that was covering it.  I grabbed Murphy, put him in the back seat, and we were off!  Mark opened the moonroof, and off we went.  Yes, it was so warm, we could actually comfortably drive with the roof open!  Murphy greatly appreciated it….his nose was working hard in the back, sniffing out all the scents entering!

I was anxious to see if there was any migrating waterfowl at Seneca Lake, but was disappointed when we saw none.  We drove through the park at the north end of the lake and couldn’t believe all the people out enjoying the summerlike weather! On our way back home, we stopped at McDonald’s and picked up an ice cream cone.  We bought it specifically for Murphy.

Oh my goodness!!  The wee lad ripped into that cone and enjoyed every bite!  He doesn’t get such treats very often and he was over the moon!

We headed into the setting sun on our way home along Route 5 &20.  It was so beautiful.  I sat and took

photo after photo of the incredibly colorful skies. Too bad we were kind of bouncing along at fifty-five miles per hour!  Since I couldn’t quite settle on one specific photo, here are a few….

Lucky for you….my SD card was now full, so I couldn’t take another photo!

However, I did save my favorite one for last.  We had stopped at a tiny pond located right  along the highway.  It is a designated wetland area for migrant birds.  At first, I didn’t see any, but upon closer inspection, there were a few Canada Geese.

As you can see, the sunset was just beyond astonishing!  It was such a great way to end an enjoyable day!

Changeable Skies Last Friday

Mark and I took a ride to Dundee last Friday.  Talk about changeable skies!  One minute, snow would be falling down like a fury, the next minute, the sun was shining, melting all the snow!  It was as though Mother Nature accidentally sent snow, then quickly shined her sun down to sweep away the white fluff!  Funny weather…

We left home in a dousing of snow. As we worked our way toward Dundee, you can see the weather was sunny and bright on the road leading up and out of Middlesex!  We leisurely followed this Amish (or Mennonite) buggy at a snail’s pace until it was safe to pass!

And we passed through Penn Yan, where the sun continued to shine.  Hey, why were we the *only* ones with snow falling?

Please excuse the dirty windshield!  Tough taking photos with a heavy telephoto lens. Add dirty windows, and…well….yuck!

Dundee is such a cute little community.  Mark really likes it there. Perhaps because they have a speedway there?  Maybe. While Mark pulled into a side street to look at the GPS, I hopped out and took a photo of this pretty stained glass window on a church. I really liked the window, but then again, I don’t think I have ever seen a stained glass window I didn’t like!

On our way back, the snow finally reached the region between Dundee and Penn Yan!  It was as though the precipitation was in a cyclic pattern. Snow. Sun. Snow. Sun. Of course, as the day progressed, the snow didn’t melt anymore!

You can see that the snow is coming down as I snapped this photo cautioning of buggies on the roadways. I also took this photo out the side window….

If you look closely, in about the left two-thirds of the photo, you can see that the sky is dark.  This was an advancing  snowstorm coming in once again.  On the right, you can see the blue sky and white clouds.

Changeable skies. Literally! 

Oh, and if you want to know what it was like around 11:30 that morning,  before we left???