Too Cute Fun in the Snow

Yesterday afternoon,  I was getting panicky as I didn’t yet have a photo for my daily photo journal. 

As I was adjusting the woodstove,  I spotted a Rose-Breasted Woodpecker sitting on the feeder outside the window.  The whole thing played out rather humorously……he looked at me, me at him, etc. and so on and so forth.

I am guessing that this particular woodpecker is perhaps a juvenile male, as he has the bright red color over his beak.  He is just “missing” a bit between his cap and beak.  The female woodpeckers of this species only have the red to their “foreheads”, not all the way down to the beak.  Of course, this could be a weird female!

Anyway, I s-l-o-w-l-y inched my way over to an end table between the bird and me.  The camera was sitting there and I was sure as soon as I picked it up, my subject would flee.  But, that was not the case!  In previous encounters with males,  (mature) they would fly away as soon as eye contact was made.  This little bird was so brave, he just kept looking at me to make sure everything was kosher.

It snowed pretty hard from time to time and the birds were frequenting the wire feeders with suet inside them.  This little fellow was anxious to get his fill, but was just so photogenic and downright cute! I must confess that some of that “mess” on the window is *not* snow, but gunk from birdie beaks.  It is so hard to keep the window clean. (And I won’t even get into the side of the house below the feeder…..)

As I sorted through the thirty-some photos taken of this bird,  I had forgotten I had photographed another male early in the day.  It wasn’t until this evening when I looked at the photo in its full size that I realized the wee chap was snoozing on the side of the tree!