One Last Friday Night Post

I had so much fun going out Friday night and just hanging out in the “city”.  Yeah. I don’t get out enough…hehehe….

I had mentioned in a previous post that Murphy and I moved around the city from place to place.  At one point in time, we were sitting in the WalMart parking lot in the rain.  As I watched through the windshield, I decided to try to capture some of the feel…I wound up with some unique shots….

I liked how no two photos were the same and the “sparkling” tree in the left front added another dimension. 

I love weather and I love being out in it.  I so missed this year of snowmobiling.  Even though there was some snow on Tug Hill, the conditions just didn’t prove to be what we would like.  Mark spent some time reading on snowmobile forums and some of the folks there said that there have been a couple of snowless years in the past couple of decades.  They claim that the year following the snowless winters produced lots of snow.  Guess we will have to wait a few months to see if that theory pans out.

In the meantime,  I really love being out in the rain like this and just feeling nice and cozy in the warm car!

Okay. So, Perhaps *I* Have Lost My Mind…..

Or….maybe  someone might be able to explain this to me???  (I am sure after my post about my “date” with Murphy, some might think I am crazy. But what about this?) Let me just say yesterday was a somewhat “strange” day!

I had gone to the City Pier to capture some shots like this:

Coots.  Coots bobbing about in the waves.  You can see that the water was beginning to get a bit “restless” with the wind that was blowing.  I had my telephoto lens mounted to the Nikon.  The lens weighs a good three pounds, and fighting against the wind was a real project.  In thinking about it,  even with my monopod, I would have struggled for clarity in the photos.  The only way I could have gotten clear photos,  I would have needed shelter.

I decided to take a photo of Squaw Island.  I pointed in that direction and thought I saw something rather curious…..Enlarge the rest of the photos….In the first two,  take a good look at the right side of the island…..

Enough said.  Now, let your imagination run amuck.

I do know that it is possible to walk to Squaw Island in the water.  However, that wind was strong!  There were several cars parked beside me on the pier.  People were in the cars, but no one seemed to see what I saw!!!  I mean, wouldn’t you be staring if you came upon something like this?

Oh my.  In the end, I left before seeing if the fellow in question came ashore.  Truthfully,  I half thought he would spread out his arms and mount up in flight with that flock…….