Date Night….with Murphy!

hahaha!  Don’t you ever go on a date with your pup?  No? 

Last night, Murphy and I were out late.  I really enjoyed the time, as I love playing a bit with night photography.  It is always fun watching action and playing with different lenses.  We also moved around a little.  I shopped in a few stores which Murphy probably totally appreciated since he could sleep in peace while I was gone!

Here are some shots from our “date night”….

My telephoto lens is big and clunky because the glass is big.  This makes it easier to take some interesting night shots. Of course, the reason the shots become interesting is because I was not using a tripod.  Thus, all the lights have “trails” on them. The street was shiny, as these photos were actually taken in the rain.  Of course, Murphy and I were neatly tucked away, warm and comfy, inside the Subaru!

And another with the telephoto lens. 

As we sat parked along Main Street in Canandaigua,  I could not believe all the police activity taking place!  At one point, a city police car pulled off a side street and headed up Main Street (north) in the SOUTHBOUND lane.  He was going so fast, then yanked the car into the northbound lane where there was a break in the median.  I was talking to Carly at the time, and I nearly lost it!  What a very strange maneuver that was….

I switched out lenses to my fixed lens.  This one is considered more of a portrait lens.  Of course, Murphy could care less.  He found my purse to be a comfortable (comforting?) pillow!

I laughed when I saw his eyes remained closed in this photo, even with the flash going off!

Yes, the new dashboard!

And just one more.  The street scene with the tiny lens….

It really was a fun night out.  We really must do this more often, Murphy! The downside to our night out was watching out for deer on the way home.  We saw them along the road and even on the road!  They seemed to be everywhere! 

The weather was calling for high winds beginning around 2 am.   Since we had some severely wicked  wind a week ago,  I was expecting worse….the weatherman said the Finger Lakes was going to get the worst of it during the night, but they really didn’t seem that bad.