For My Friend Jeanne!

Jeanne, this post is especially for you.  I figure you might appreciate this AND, it might make you laugh.

If there is something that would terrify me,  I guess it might be losing consciousness.  I imagine it has to do with not wanting to miss out on anything in life. Soooo…

When I was 27,  I decided I wanted to have my teeth straightened.  Our dentist had been studying some orthodontic practices earlier in my life and when I was 15, he “installed” braces.  Long story short, the man was too kind!  He obviously never exerted enough pressure to fix my teeth.  The reason why I wanted braces really was not a vanity issue…One of my two front teeth stuck out, making me look as though I was sneering.  Not only was the tooth out of line, but it was discolored an ugly brown.

In order to place a crown on the tooth,  I needed to have braces to correct the alignment.  Before I could have braces, however, I needed to have the dreaded oral surgery. I, it seems, was blessed with only three wisdom teeth.  But.  The three wisdom teeth were all impacted.  Lucky me.

At the time, I weighed a whopping 105 pounds and the oral surgeon told me I needed to gain some weight before he would do the surgery.  Well, whatever.  I went in one chilly late August morning to have the “procedure” done.  The surgeon suggested that I have it  done in the hospital, complete with anesthesiologist in attendence.  Well, I argued that there was no way I wanted to be put to sleep.  I insisted I wanted to be awake during the surgery.  Not so sure if the surgeon thought I was totally bonkers or not, but he finally agreed.

I hopped up onto the cold metal table and immediately began to shiver.  I mean, uncontrollably shiver!  One of the nurses left the room and came back with a large blanket which was wrapped snuggly around me.  Ahh…much, much better!  A large rubber block was placed inside my mouth as the surgeon commented that there really was not very much room to work inside my mouth.

Finally feeling somewhat relaxed,  I  closed my eyes and thought about pleasantries to not concentrate on the surgery.  Suddenly, *it* hit.  Knowing that I had to let the doctor know quickly,  I made faces, mainly knitting my eyebrows together and frowning.  The nurse looked down on me and asked if I was all right.  I nooded my head yes,  and tried my best to convey to her I had to use the restroom!  She bent low and looked me in the eye.  “You have to go to the bathroom?”  I nodded my head and grunted “Uh huh” through the big black blob of rubber wedged in my mouth.

My mummy wrap was removed and the nurse gently guided me down off the table with my feet planted on the floor.  She grabbed my elbow tightly and lead me to the restroom.  For one moment,  I was fearful she was going to come inside the bathroom with me!   I quickly went to the bathroom, washed my hands, then looked at myself in the mirror above the sink….What a mess I looked!

I was so relieved when the nurse was nowhere in sight when I came out of the bathroom.  I gingerly walked back to the “operating table”, swinging myself back up and lying down, now feeling much better!  The doctor returned to assume his position and the nurse wrapped me all up in the blanket once again.

As the doctor was about to resume his work,  he bent over me, laughing.  He assured me that in all his years of experience, he had never, ever  had a patient get up and leave in the middle of his work before! He continued on.  I cannot remember how long the whole process took, but I do remember him telling me I was “one tough cookie”.

The cookie went home and crumbled!  I slept for a day and looked like one very bruised Chiquita for a few days!  In fact, when I ate a couple of days after the surgery, I got some food in one of the wounds.  I had to go to the drugstore to pick up an antibiotic and the woman there told me she was greatly relieved when I told her I had had oral surgery…she thought I had been in a fight!!!

Hope this puts a smile on your face, Jeanne!  Rest and follow the doctor’s orders!!!!

Pterodactyl over Henrietta?

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.  Better yet, we know the camera never lies!

Okay.  I confess. It was just this Heron that took off and headed eastward.  I shot the photo toward the “light of day”. (as opposed to the sun!) One must admit, though,  it *does* sorta kinda look like a flying dino! (Pterodactyl)

Just Another Awesome Day at the Bay….

Naw, not really.  I was only there for a short period of time.

Mark and I drove up to Mark’s mom’s today to take her to another doctor appointment.  While she was at the hospital, Mark and I went over to visit briefly with a friend of ours who lives just a short distance from the hospital.  He has an awesome three wheel motorcycle that he showed us.  It was amazing… is a custom build.

After Mark’s mom callled for us to pick her up, we decided to go down to Irondequoit Bay to grab cheeseburgers for lunch.  It was actually a late lunch, but burgers sounded good to all three of us!  The store we went to is located at the bay, so I was pretty excited to see just what waterfowl might greet us (or not) this time.

We finished lunch, then wandered on over near the boat launch.  Wow!  There were so many birds!  It was a great adventure, because it seemed like they were all waiting for me and my camera.  They were all very friendly, posing and just being their beautiful selves!

I won’t comment any further.  The photos speak for themselves.

I told Mark and his mom they could just leave me at the bay for a few hours. I just love being around the water and these birds.  I saw one pair of Swans that looked like they were courting….they kept rubbing their heads together, forming a perfect heart shape!  I totally missed the whole thing because my SD card was full!  DRAT!

It Feels Like Summer!

Today’s temperature really did feel like summer. In fact, it was a new record high for this date.

The family was off to Rochester and I stayed home with little Murphy.  We didn’t do much at all….just basically hung out and chilled.

Last night, in the middle of the night, I awoke with a terrible pain in my wrist. I tried to think what would have caused this and I suddenly remembered!  When Ben and I got out of the kayaks yesterday, I had some trouble “getting my legs”!  I tried to stand and just couldn’t do it!  Ben was up on a bank above me, so I gave him my right wrist and told him to pull me up!  Oops! Being the middle of the night, I then got worried…..what if my wrist was broken or dislocated?  Odd, the things one conjures in the mind when awakened…..

Well, this morning, I was fine. My wrist was fine. Everything was fine, indeed!  A few years ago, I had trouble with tendonitis in that wrist and I had to be careful when I slept because I had a tendency to “fold” my wrist so that it hurt something fierce. I think I may have done that during the night.  To keep from this odd habit, I usually tuck my wrist under my pillow so it’s flat.

Enough of that!

I played around with my camera as the sun was setting…it came through the window and lit up a bouquet of a dozen Tulips.  I am fascinated by light playing on objects and this was just too pretty to pass up!

Tomorrow is supposed to be yet another summerlike day, then the temperatures will subside a little.  Still hard to believe it is March.

I heard on the radio today that the man responsible for killing six Amish and injuring eight others in Penn Yan last year was sentenced to 12 to 24 years in prison.  The story went on to say that in that crash, fifty Amish children were orphaned.  The man will also have to pay $300,000.00 in restitution.  I wonder if the people who lost loved ones would even accept the money.   I realize that the Amish are a forgiving people, but 12 to 24 years for the murder of six lives seems so mild……

Happy Spring!

I would venture to say that most years, here in the northeastern USA, everyone makes comments on the first day of spring, like, What spring?  Suffice it to say,  our wintry weather generally carries on pretty much into April and sometimes even May. But, not so this year!

I was greeted by a bouquet of Daffodils in the front garden this morning!  I had to smile, as most years, the flowers show up one at a time,  so there are never more than a couple of pretty faces showing at one time.  Not so this year, though!

I planted the Hyacinths a couple of years ago and they are also up and flowering….way earlier than previous years!

When I walked down to the mailbox,  I forgot to take my camera along.  My loss, for sure.  I thought I needed to have my eyes examined as a tiny powder blue butterfly flitted in front of me, landing in the driveway.  I literally ran to the house to grab my camera, but the little bugger had flown off by the time I got back.  Seriously…..butterflies in March?

As the day heated up little by little,  I had a thought that I would like to go kayaking.  Michelle was busy with schoolwork, so I asked Ben if he would go with me.  He reluctantly agreed.

When I stepped into the water in my flipflops to get into the kayak, the water was pretty cold! Thankfully, the kayaks have nice seats that raise one off the bottom of the craft. 

Pretty far out from shore, we came on a group of Coots and Bufflehead Ducks. The ducks are fairly easy to identify with their striking black and white coloration and large heads.

My original thought was that perhaps we should just paddle a little today, it being our first outing and all.  As we paddled out to the mouth of the West River,  we decided to give it a go to paddle to another boat launch along the river. 

Although I was hoping to see some Great Blue Herons,  there were none around.  I did get to see some blinds hunters use all along the river, though.  Some were pretty rustic! We also saw an awful lot of (very startling!!!) fish hopping up out of the water.  One hit my paddle and I yelped!  Somehow,  I just could not get comfortable with the thought of a fish jumping out of the water and into my kayak!  Thankfully, it didn’t happen!

If you click on the photo below, you can see the windfarm up in the hills, south of Naples.

We managed to successfully flush out a number of Canada Geese as we paddled along.  They scolded us as we went by, then when they felt we were getting too close, they lifted off!

At one point, we ran amuck!  Ben called out to me that he was stuck!  I thought he was kidding until he hopped out of his kayak and pushed it!  The water really was only maybe two or three inches deep in some places!  That’s enough to deter one!

As we neared the end of our journey, we saw turtles everywhere, lying in the sun on floating logs.

I never would have ever dreamed of going kayaking in March. So strange!

What a Great Day!

Yesterday had to have been one of the most awesome days in a while! 

I had some ridding up to do to get my house in order in the morning.  Things have a way of walking off and finding new homes at my house.   I know this isn’t anything major, but there are times when it drives me batty!  Anyway, I was excited because our friends, Jeanne and Ben were coming over!

They came by at two. Jeanne had warned up not to eat too much lunch because they were bringing a snack!  I had made up a fresh batch of pesto, something I’ve not done in a long time!  I put that out with crackers but Jeanne and Ben brought CHEESCAKE!  Woohoo!  Jeanne even brought plates and forks!  Talk about a planner!!!!

We ate that fabulous cheesecake, then Ben and Mark played their guitars while Jeanne and I sat out on the porch.  We had our usual great time…..the air was warm and there was a gentle breeze blowing across the porch.  We could not have planned a better day!  As we sat and talked, Ben and Mark played through an open window, and Jeanne and I were impressed by the music!

The only problem was that the time passed by much too quickly and Jeanne and Ben were leaving.  They have two adorable Bichons and one of the little ones is afraid of the thunder.  As the day progressed, the weather became more threatening, so they had to get back to the girls!

I was so disappointed when they left,  I asked Mark to take me to Arby’s.  They have a 2 for $4 fish sandwich special.  The kids and Mark love these sandwiches, which are quite large!  Mark agreed and we were off to Canandaigua.  As we pulled into Arby’s, rain let loose and we got quite a nice rainfall.  However, over to the west,  the sun was shining. Brightly!

We got our sandwiches and pulled around to the back of Arby’s.  There is a huge pond behind the stores located on a strip that parallels Routes 5&20.  Across the pond is a water park.  We sat there, looking and looking for a rainbow, but none was found. I did *have* to get out to take a picture, though…..

I love the colors in this photo….the sky, the blazing sun, the bike, and the bike’s reflection in the puddle just grabbed my eye!  As I returned to the car,  there “it” was!

Yes!  A rainbow finally appeared.  I took so many photos. I loved the fact that the little ducks were there.  If you are familiar with the movie Babe, this setting reminded me so much of Farmer Hoggett’s farm!  The ducks were just a little added bonus!

Well, all good things must come to an end, and we needed to get to WalMart.  Mark needed an HDMI cable, so we left and headed east.  The WalMart/Lowe’s stores are located on a sort of plateau…they and their parking lots rise up a bit off Routes 5&20.  As we drove west into the lot,  I just had to take one more photo!

Take a look at that sky!  It was just so beautiful!  Even with buildings, utility lines, and cars in the photo, this was just too good to pass up! What a great way to end an awesome day!

Oh, your lucky day!


Our weather has been extraordinary.  Well, at least for those fond of summer.  Not so for the likes of me.  I am still bemoaning the lack of snowfall this winter.  Yes, go ahead and call me a poor sport, but I just do not care for hot weather.

Anyway….this morning, I went outside and was looking at the garden out front.  Magically, literally overnight, my Daffodills have gone from large green bulbous “heads” to Iamgoingtoopenanyminute buds!  The bad news is, all my glorious and brightly colored Crocuses are meeting their demise.  Apparently, the too warm temperatures not only apply to me, but also to Crocuses!

So…in tribute to my lovely Crocuses,  I will show you photos I took of them.  They were so beautiful!

I know…I showed my flowers in a post before.  But, I have some really cool photos!

While the Crocuses were in their glory, the honeybees were working like crazy, gathering pollen! 

I really like gatting good shots of the bees working, but in this last photo, there were actually three bees all working on the same flower!

Yesterday was another relaxing day. The day culminated with Mark and I going out to dinner in Canandaigua with some old friends of ours!  We met our friends, the Copenings and the Lucianos at a fantastic Italian restaurant downtown, called Casa de Pasta.  The food was truly amazing!  The best part, though, was visiting with our friends whom we have not seen in years! We made our minds up that we certainly will not allow years to pass again before we see these friends! It is terrible how we get so busy that we lose contact with those who mean so much to us!

Our evening ended relatively early, as the Lucianos had a bit of a drive home.  The sun was setting over the surrounding hills, so I asked Mark to pull up onto the City Pier once again.  I have rarely been disappointed by Canandaigua sunsets.

And, once again, the sunset was wonderful!

While I had every intention to post here yesterday,

somehow, the day just seemed to get away from me! So, settle in with a cuppa and I will fill you in on our (very) long day Wednesday!

The day began by leaving home early…before seven.  We drove to Rochester as Mark’s mom had a doctor’s appointment at nine. We picked her up and dropped her off at the hospital, where her doctor is located.

After leaving the hospital, we hopped on over to a WalMart located only a few blocks away. As I got out of the truck,  there were two men behind it, making it impossible for me to open the back to get Mark’s wheelchair out.  After excusing myself, one man apologized profusely as the other man handed a five dollar bill into his hand.

With Mark in the wheelchair, we began to head up to the store, when the man who had been given the five dollar bill called out to us. He caught up with us and wanted to know if we might give him some money.  He pulled his jacket back and explained he worked for Rochester General Hospital. (The reason for pulling back the coat was to expose a rather ratty-looking shirt with the hospital initials embroidered on the front)  The man, missing some front teeth, assured us he was no “54 year-old bum”, but had run out of gas…diesel, specifically, and he needed to buy a gas can so he could get gas to fill his tank. The tank cost $12.99 and he only had $5.43, which he had planned to use for lunch.

At this point, the man (almost) sounded believable.  However, at this particular point, with the man in close proximity, I could not really inform Mark that I had not two minutes before seen another man hand him $5.00 behind our truck.  Mark is a smart guy, though.  He began to roll over in the wheelchair toward the gas station.  He told the man he would buy him the gas can on his charge card since he didn’t have the money.  The man hesitated at first, then told Mark he wouldn’t want to put him through all that trouble of going “so far”.  It was a nice day and Mark had no qualms about rolling maybe five hundred feet to the gas station.  Finally, the guy said,  “Someone else (fool) will give me the money.” 

What a scheme….panhandling in the WalMart parking lot.  I wonder just how many five dollar bills he nets in a day.  I won’t wonder what he does with them. (Ben spotted the “latebecauseIranoutofgas” employee as we drove from the parking lot….)

We shopped in WalMart for a few minutes, then Mark’s mom called to be picked up. We drove past Irondequoit Bay, on Lake Ontario, on the way to my mother-in-law’s house.  I asked Mark to stop and I hopped out. There was only a pair of Mallard Ducks swimming nearby,  but as I stood taking photos, a couple of Canada Geese that had been grazing quite dangerously near the roadway decided to come on over. (The goose in the previous post was one of them!)

I never tire of photographing Canada Geese.  Although they can be real pests, they are so beautiful. While I was photographing particularly the one goose (who seemed to enjoy my company)  a Swan must have seen or heard us, as it too came toward me!  It was on the lake, apparently amongst the reeds.

This Swan was so friendly.  Although it never left the water, it swam right to me at the water’s edge. 

This isn’t a great photo, but another Swan showed up.  It was out on the water a good distance when I took this one. I love the way the light was filtering through the Swan’s far wing, illuminating it!

I love going to the bay where I encountered hundreds of waterfowl, all at once…..but this little “intimate” encounter was great as I could get some nice photos of the birds, closeup.

I could have spent hours here, right along a busy road, taking photos, but with Mark, his mom, and Ben in the truck, I felt satisfied after several photos.

 We took Mark’s mom back to her house where I walked Murphy to let him do his business.  As we walked in the back yard, I could not believe the number of branches and limbs that had come down in the yard during the high winds we have had.  I told Mark and he suggested I might pick them up. Since Ben was with us, I asked him to help….the two of us worked nonstop for over an hour and we got most everything.  A few small branches were left, but my mother-in-law said she would finish up.

We had to go to Henrietta after leaving Mark’s mom’s house. As we drove down a busy road, Mark commented there were Wild Turleys in the yard of a house on his side if the car.  Of course, we had to turn around.  I bounded out the door and hoped I would be able to catch up with the flock.  Since the birds were right near a house, I didn’t dare close in on them.  I looked and spotted a small stream running behind the house. Quickly, I walked down a small road that lead to an office park.  Directly behind the house with the turkeys was a day care center.  Yikes!  It would be awful to think I might get in trouble for being there…especially with a camera!

I tried to keep clear of the building and didn’t get nearly as close as I would have wanted. Ah well….

Even though these photos aren’t great,  you get the idea. One male…many girlies! And my, oh my, did he strut his stuff!

There were a lot more turkeys that I didn’t get in this shot…there must have been at least fifteen hens.

Gads, what a bunch of turkeys!

We picked Michelle up at RIT and then we had some time to kill.  The kids had planned to attend a concert at a church in Rochester. We did a little shopping and dropped the kids off a little after six.

Mark and Murphy and I were alone and on our own.  We pulled into a McDonald’s located a couple of miles from the church. Mark had set up his laptop so he could connect to our media computer at home. He then fiddled around until the laptop connected and we were able to watch the Buffalo Sabres game…via his cell phone!

We sat at McDonald’s for several hours…as I gulped, seeing the No Loitering sign mounted across from us!  No one bothered us at all and we didn’t bother anyone either. Twice, while we were sitting there, a young woman suddenly appeared, handing “something” to a person in a vehicle. As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared.  Strange. Mark suspects drugs.

We also watched as two mounted police officers leisurely rode down the sidewalk right next to our car. I have never seen horses on the sidewalks before, and what was really funny was the fact that it was after 10pm and the guys each had a cup of coffee in one hand!

Ah…we picked the kids up near midnight.  There was a big band that performed last and Michelle was so excited to see them!

We got home around one in the morning.  Needless to say, we all dropped into bed!  What a day!!! 

Panhandlers…turkeys….horses on sidewalks….I am so thrilled to live in the Bristolwood!