Now You See Him!

I took this photo through the bedroom window this afternoon, just before whiteout conditions. And then….


Wow, he was nearly in the exact same pose, too!

I wondered what the little fellow was doing, hanging on for literally an hour or so.  It was only after looking at that first photo that I saw he had been doing a bit of “pecking” on my small Maple tree!!

We didn’t get much snow today, maybe three or four inches, total.  In looking at the forecast this week, looks like we are in for more warmer weather.  Drat!  I was hoping we might have a nice, snowy March to look forward to some snowmobiling, but that precious window of opportunity is growing smaller and smaller as the months progress….

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that the temps are to be so warm this week?? I was really surprised too. I do not think that snowmobiling will be in the cards in the near future! Beautiful bird picture!

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