So, How was *Your* Day Today?

Mine?  Not so good….

I went out to drive over to visit our neighbors’…..problem is, when I got outside, my remote starter on the Subaru would not work. Drat!  So I climbed inside the car, turned the key, and….nada.  Nothing.  The car would not even make a tiny sound similar to a car being started.  Argh.

I called another neighbor and asked if she might give me a jumpstart.  She came down within minutes.  I was so happy!  We hooked the jumper cables to the batteries and….nada.  Nothing.  I was so frustrated and my neighbor told me to hop in and she would take me up to get her Jeep, which I could use for the day.

I only used the Jeep to visit the other neighbors.  That was so nice of them to let me have it for the day, though!  I don’t think I have ever seen a purple Jeep before.

I called Mark and told him about the Subaru and he called Roadside Assistance.  One of the great bonuses of buying a new car! (He had already left for the day so he didn’t know about my dilemma.)  Within an hour, a very nice man came with to try to jumpstart the car.  He first used a large battery, but it didn’t work.  Not at all.

He scratched his head, then went to the back of the minivan he was driving.  He came back with a set of jumper cables maximus!  I don’t think I have ever seen such an “elaborate” or heavy-duty set.  He secured the cables to the two vehicles and told me to give ‘er a try.  Boom!  She started…immediately!

I was tickled pink.

I went back in the house after my Hero left, and called Mark.  He told me to place a battery charger on the car after running it for half an hour.  He wanted to slowly charge it all the way.  No adventures for me.  Not today.

The weather forecast for today had called for some warmer temps, but we never made it a whole lot over freezing.  Ah well.  I had spent a few hours outside,  so I would happily retreat indoors.  I guess….

In looking at Murphy, I decided it was time for a haircut.  He was looking a bit “rotund”,  and I am so sure he hasn’t gained a lot of weight!  It is that fur!  I got the clippers and my poor little fellow obediently, albeit reluctantly,  came to me, head hanging so low!

I am so grateful I can do my own clipping….it saves so much money, plus,  I am pretty sure Murphy would be terrified by someone else doing the dirty work.  Because all of his “lines” for trimming are well defined,  it doesn’t take long to carve out a proper Scot!  The most time consuming area is his head, but he is rather comfortable letting me clip away.

I love seeing all his brindle-goodness after a haircut.  When it grows out, all the neat “stripes” disappear and he appears much darker than after a trim.  He was so happy, he posed nicely for me. (I did mention a cookie…do you think that helped any?)

As I took that photo, I noticed a basket we had decorated for Christmas.  Well, the ribbon is Christmasy!  The pinecones smell like cinnamon and cloves…mmmm! As I was looking at the basket, the sunlight streaked in through the windows and highlighted the basket!

Well, this is a day I am glad to put behind me.  It came with a bit of stress!  But, as my neighbor commented when I returned the Jeep,  it all worked out in the end!