A Fun Evening Out!

Last night, Mark and I went over to visit with our friends, Jeanne and Ben.  We had *such* a great time visiting!

The last time we visited at Jeanne and Ben’s,  Mark wasn’t able to make it into the house.  The ramps we have for his wheelchair proved to be too short.  So, we all visited in the garage and Ben and Mark even played guitar together there!  The good news is, though,  Ben (like Mark) is a mechanical engineer!  Nearly as soon as we left after our first visit,  Ben was at the drawing board!

When we arrived a bit late last evening, I discovered I had completely forgotten to bring along a walker to help Mark enter the front door….I felt so stupid.  But, as we turned and went up the driveway,  there was no need to fear! Ben, being a good ME,  had thought of everything!  I could not believe the elaborate ramp he had built! The ramp was all built of two by’s and he even added little guides on the sides so the wheelchair wouldn’t veer off the ramps!!  He placed four jackstands underneath to add strength and to keep the ramp from flexing. It was simply amazing!  AND, to add to the strength and durability,  he also added stretchers across to keep the distance between the two separate ramps consistant….there was no need to worry about the ramps straying from one another.

At the top of the stoop,  Ben had placed another small plywood ramp, complete with cleats underneath it for strength, so Mark could roll up and into the house over the short step leading inside.  Ben is certainly a man of detail!!  I so often miss little things like that, but he had already thought well ahead!

Jeanne ordered a pizza and some wings and we had a great time just visiting around the table.  Then it was time for the guys to jam!  Jeanne and I never run out of things to talk and giggle about, so we had a good time visiting!  Jeanne showed me around her beautiful house and her little LadyBug, the Bichon Frise, followed us so faithfully!  Jeanne told me her original owner had passed away so she was a rescue girly.  She is so sweet, and I am so happy she found Jeanne and Ben!  She has the perfect home with their other little Bichon, Chloe.  Chloe hung out with the guys as we sat in the kitchen.

The evening seemed to slip away far too quickly like it always does when we visit!  We had such a great time….Can’t wait till we get together next time!