On a Hike at Onanda…

While Mark and Michelle were off to Rochester a week ago Thursday,  the day was imploring me to “come out and enjoy”!  How could I turn down an invitation to a bright and sunny (warm) day?  Ben had work to do….he told me so.  Still,  couldn’t he just do it later?

I had no idea what to do. Where to go.  Ben was thinking much better than I!  He immediately got on the computer and searched for local waterfalls.  What a stroke of genius!  He found a small one located only a few miles from our house, so we were off and on our way!

We went to Onanda Park, located on Canandaigua Lake.

There were no immediate markings for trails, so I suggested we head down to a small gazebo located near the road.  There was a map there, which I so totally misread!

We hiked south a bit to a staircase with about a zillion stairs.  Up, up, up, and away we went. Ben grumbled and told me we were heading the wrong way.  Oops.

Yes, indeedy.  We wound up at a small parking area on the wrong side of the ravine.  I had better go back to Mapreading Basics 101!  Well, the walk was invigorating.  After all, it was entirely uphill! Off in the distance, we could see someone’s house.  So…back down we went.

We stopped at the gazebo where the map was posted, once again, and Ben pointed out that the ravine should have been on our left side, not our right….

We began our hike anew.  And, guess what? It was all uphill!!  This time it was steep grades and no stairs, though!

And we even found a trail marker!

Phew….all of the buildings are on steep, steep slopes!

It was such a gorgeous day and we really enjoyed the walk. We had brought Murphy with us, but left him in the truck.  I was glad we did because we saw some other dogs and I wasn’t sure how he would have reacted.  Besides that, the trails had some spots that were very muddy.  I was so glad to be wearing my mud boots!

I’m not sure what was  “springing” up from the ground, but it sure looks like a sign of spring!

We walked and walked and walked some more before we finally reached the waterfall.  It has an awesome overlook with a pretty shelter.

This trail has some pretty steep cliffs that could be detrimental and they aren’t cordoned off.  You can see that the falls was still covered in lots of ice. From the shelter,  there was a nice peek at the lake.

We had walked uphill a good bit and although there was no snow on the ground,  there was still bits of icy snow on the northern facing sides of trees!

Somehow, the people we saw on the trail all seemed to know the path we took on the way down was shorter and less steep than the way we came!  This really is an awesome little walk and one we hope to do again, especially when the woods comes out of its winter slumber.