If you know me….

you know just how much I love feeding the waterfowl up on Irondequoit Bay.  I look forward to seeing the birds, particularly the Swans.  They are so big and awesome, I just love to see them up close and feed them.

When we went to Rochester today, I asked Mark if we could head north to see the Swans.  The last visit, we only saw a couple of geese and some ducks. It was such a disappointment.  I was so sure we would see some Swans today, though.  So, off to the bay we headed!

Mark pulled up and to my dismay, all we saw was Mallard Ducks.  Lots and lots of them.  Almost as many as the Seagulls above!

The gulls just kind of swooped and dived, but seemed to understand I was there to feed the ducks!  I walked down over the stone wall along the shoreline and broadcast some cracked corn out into the water and over the rocks closest to the shore. It doesn’t take much to get the ducks coming….they are pretty curious and hungry little critters!

The ducks are so funny to watch as they land. They can make some pretty BIG splashes!

The little fellow above had some difficulty with his big feet getting him out of the water and up the steep slope, so he used a bit of wing power to climb the rock!

And so, the little Mallards dined on the sand on the shoreline, on the rocks, and….

This fellow found a handy crevice between two rocks where he found lots and lots of cracked corn!

This little drake decided he was “King of the Rock”, perching himself high up on the rock to oversee the activity!

This little Mallard apparently had enough, so he headed off!

I decided to try to get some photos over by the boat launch, where there were no rocks.  I walked over and spread out some corn.

Just like hungry little puppies, the ducks followed me over and began plucking up the tasty little kernels. It was then that I spotted something so disturbing, my heart sank to my feet.  Although I am not particularly fond of having a cat,  I respect people that love them and agree they are pretty animals.  And so, I almost cried as I spotted a beautiful grey and white striped cat, wrapped in a blanket, lying on the shore, dead.  I don’t know the details, but how sad that someone thre the cat there instead of burying the poor thing.  I just will never understand….

I immediately returned to the car, feeling sickened.  I told Mark and he said there really was nothing we could do. I sat there, trying to warm up from a frigid outing and feeling so sad.

After a bit,  I looked up and saw what seemed like zillions of gulls all sitting on the parking lot on the opposite  side of the boat launch.

To the left of that photo is the lake. As I looked that way, I spotted some white……

I quickly jumped out of the car, grabbed the bucket and scotted down toward the water! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

It sure was a treat seeing the Swans.  By the time I saw them, my cracked corn supply was greatly diminished.  I only had a couple of scoops left, so I tried to use it sparingly.

I will leave you with my favorite shots of the day. Strangely enough, it is not of a swan, but of these colorful little Mallards, all looking so cute!