A Few More Photos from Sunday

I said I would show a few more photos, but somehow time (and energy, possibly!) slipped away!

While I was in Woodville, this is a shot of the cottages and hill across the lake.  I was amazed in looking at this photo in its original size. (BIG)  The trees that provide such fantastic lush greenery in the summer months look like PINS in a pincushion! They all look so tiny…like toothpicks.  Funny the things one notices!

This next photo shows the “dock installer”. Well, I am not being techical at all here, but this barge-looking contraption is used for installing docks.  So, it would be a dock installer,no?

Looking toward the south end of Canandaigua Lake….

Oh, and I could not leave Woodvile without showing some of the ice formation on the tall shale walls across the road from the cottages.

I left Woodvile and went on up to the “upper road” leading to Naples….County Road 12.  That is where the town carved out an overlook of Canandaigua Lake.  I have taken photos here in the different seasons, but it is always different!

And here is one looking to the east, across the lake.  In this photo, it is clear to see the deep ravines running into the lake.

These certainly aren’t the most attractive photos, but they do give you, Dear Reader, a look at our little corner of the world!