Mr Murphy and the gutless Skunk!

Wait a minute!  The skunk referred to is a toy, not a real skunk.  It is made with a squeaker in the head and one in its tail, and no stuffing.  When picked up, the little toy looks like a skinned animal. And Murphy really likes “skunky”.

Today, Murphy and I went out to enjoy a bit of fresh air.  Murphy had a ball, fetching the skunk and then tossing it about and shaking it with wild abandon!

I don’t know who had more fun….Murphy or me.  It was so nice to just be able to play outside for a few minutes!

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  1. It looks like so much fun!!! I wonder if Chloe would like one of those flat toys?? Murphy sure has come in to his own, hasn’t he? It seems as if he is playing much more! Hope you are staying warm! Today is football day and Ben’s birthday!

  2. Fun! We got Joe a “skinned” bunny with 19 little squeakers while we were in Bflo yesterday. He was very excited when he saw it and now carries it around with him. The beloved squeakers!

  3. Oh, I forgot to ask if you have seen the Buffalo Sabres jerseys for dogs. We saw them at a pet store in Bflo. Will Murph play dress up?

  4. As poorly as the Sabres are doing, Murphy would probably be inclined to hang his head in shame….

    All kidding aside, Murphy is not the least bit happy to dress-up. Whereas Angus lived to have his furry little self featured somewhere, Murphy finds putting on clothing quite deplorable!!! Michelle humiliates the poor laddie every now and then by dressing him up…much to his chagrin!

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