Every now and then….

the atmospheric conditions lend themselves to a GREAT day for photography.  Today was one such day, albeit cold and windy! And so, this afternoon, I went off on a photo shoot to see if I could find some cool stuff. 

I did find some nice things, but I am only going to show a few.  (for now!)

The skies this morning were tinged on baby pink.  I was unsure if the shepards and sailors should be concerned or not, but I think the color was an indication of changeable skies.  The weather is changing, but for the better?  We are supposed to be above freezing this coming week.  Strange. Very strange weather.

My little outing today took me down to Woodville.  I was hoping to see some waterfowl, but all I spotted were Canada Geese and gulls.  I did see some ducks a little northward, but wasn’t wanting to traipse into someone’s yard to get a closer look!  Ah well.  While near the boat launch,  I noticed a beautiful arrangement of golden grasses and bright red berries.  Nature’s attempt at a beautiful still life. 

Even in their “dead” state, these “weeds” provide such pretty color against the stark white background offered by newly-fallen snow.

I drove up onto the high road.  This is where the town built a scenic lookout.  I was fiddling around some with the camera when I noticed a big old crow sitting on the top of a conifer,  looking all the world like a black “angel” atop a Christmas tree.  I wouldn’t have paid this rogue any mind, except for the fact that he squawked and complained the entire time I sat there.  Perhaps I was blocking his view?

Mighty haughty chap, that crow!  Perhaps he thinks he owns the road!

Well, I showed you the morning sky.  Now, how about the Bristolwood sunset? It was very, very pretty!

I was like a Mexican jumping bean…I would sit down and review the photo on the camera, when suddenly the sky appeared to have included even more colors in its pallette!  I would hop back up, insert the SD card, then run outside.  I did this a few (ahem) times!

Mr Murphy and the gutless Skunk!

Wait a minute!  The skunk referred to is a toy, not a real skunk.  It is made with a squeaker in the head and one in its tail, and no stuffing.  When picked up, the little toy looks like a skinned animal. And Murphy really likes “skunky”.

Today, Murphy and I went out to enjoy a bit of fresh air.  Murphy had a ball, fetching the skunk and then tossing it about and shaking it with wild abandon!

I don’t know who had more fun….Murphy or me.  It was so nice to just be able to play outside for a few minutes!