Ah, My Many Talents….or not!

Yesterday, I spent some time at Mendon Ponds Park. I have featured pictures here before of this wonder-filled place where (in the winter months) birds feed directly from one’s hand!

So, what about my talent?  Well, even though I am so dreadfully left-handed, I managed to actually capture a few photos of tiny Chickadees grabbing seeds from my left hand, while holding the camera and snapping with my right hand! Talent? Or no?

These photos are all best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge them…

After I was done feeding the little birdies, I decided to use my horse-whispering talent.  I walked over to the pasture where the wonderful Monroe County Sheriff’s horses are kept.  I had seen four horses in the pasture upon entering the park, and since it is just a short distance from the parking lot, I thought I would at least say hi!

I should have tweaked these photos to brighten the up a bit, but you get the idea!  Only two of the horses wanted to talk to me, so we had our little tete-a-tete, and I was on my way.

And, as I was leaving, horse #1 said, Hey, take me with you! Of course, it broke my heart, but I left the kindly giant behind. He *does* belong to the sheriff’s department, after all!

And here are two random shots thrown in….

One of the great benefits of owning a three car garage that has everything BUT the vehicles stored there is that we can enjoy things like Jack Frost’s lovely artwork. (which seemed to take forever to clear from the windows!)

And, while up in Rochester, we saw a most awesome little shed at a car dealership!

Yes!  A rubber tire building!  No need to fret over falling meteors and such in this shed!  Everything just bounces off!  Watertight, meteor proof….what more could one ask for?  Yeah, I imagine the inside stinks!, but one cannot have it all, eh?

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  1. You are SO talented!! Look at those birds eating right out of your hand! No way could I have taken that picture with my LEFT hand! Love that little rubber building too…we should all have houses like that. NO….on second thought…it would really smell!

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