Skies, Skies, and more skies…..

We took a short jaunt to Penn Yan this afternoon.  I had not been shopping at the little Mennonite store there in awhile, so I wanted to visit.

Today was such a gray and dismal sort of day, but I found some photo ops on the way back home.  Most of the photos are of the skies, as the sun tried so hard to make an appearance….

It was a nice day to get out for a bit, but with the temperature so much chillier than yesterday, it sure was nice to return home to a cozy and warm fire in the woodstove!

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  1. I still haven’t been shopping at that store and I have been talking about it for years!!! One of these days!

    Your sky pics are beautiful! It was a bit TOO cold for me today!

  2. Hmm, perhaps you and Jeanne should make one of your dates to include your favorite Mennonite store!

    I love sky pictures. I particularly like your last one. It kinda reminds me of Randolph for some reason…makes me miss it! I haven’t had time to get out my camera lately, let alone actually take pictures…

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