Random Shots

from parking lots!

Funny enough, these photos were indeed taken from three different parking lots. So, I guess they satisfy the poet from within!

Today, we took our neighbors to the airport up in Rochester.  We had a big green blob of rain ahead of us on the radar, so I was very thankful for my (really intelligent!) choice of footwear today!  I bought a pair of fanciful wellies at Tractor Supply a few weeks ago.  I wanted them for when I tap the trees this spring. After nearly ruining my favorite pair of boots last year, I wanted something that could be easily cleaned and rinsed off.  I love these boots!

The temperature rose up into the 50’s today.  It felt like a spring day more than winter!  Much of the snow we got is now melted and running down into streams and rivers!  Tonight, we are under two weather warnings. One for severe thunderstorms,  and the second for high winds.  I had opened my window to allow some fresh air in, but had to quickly close it when wind-driven rain began blowing in!

Here are some more shots….

Hmmm….seems to be a front moving in on this next one?

All right!  I now have a candle burning. The wind sounds like it is picking up a reat deal outside!  Computer is charged, candle lit,  Murphy snuggling up nearby. Kids safe.  Battens hatched down. 

I think we’re good!

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  1. I ran up to Tops to get a few things to “prepare” and when I came out it was like a different world!! The wind was whipping up a storm out there! I thought the stoplights were going to fly right off their wires!! It was windy, wasn’t it?? We were glad we only had a few flickers of the lights, but my computer was charged too! I love those boots! I have almost identical ones in black and white polka dots! Michelle and I both got them at Target a couple of years ago…they are the best when we are camping!!

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