Memories can be such funny things….

but in a serious sort of way.

Late this afternoon, I was thinking about taking a photo for my daily photo journal. I was considering posting a photo of the trees behind our house casting shadows in the waning sun. (and gorgeous! blue skies!)  I thought of taking a photo of one of the kids, but they hate being featured.  What to do…what to do….

Earlier in the afternoon, I had been going through countless photos I still have not classifed.  I was specifically looking for pictures of our Wee Angus.  I had tried to do this just before Christmas, but the tears wouldn’t stop and my heart just wrenched inside.  Perhaps because all the pressure of Christmas and New Year’s is off,  I can now look at the photos and not fall completely apart.  There are still some that cause tears to sting my eyes, but I am doing better.


As I was walking to the front door,  I spotted Angus’ little red parka.  Yes, I had always thought I would never, ever, dress a dog!  I had joined a Scottie Dog forum and some of the photos people had taken of their Scotties dressed in various attire were hysterical!  And so, one day as I was looking around Wal Mart,  I happened to walk down an aisle of clearance items. 

There, in the midst of a conglomeration of all types of odds and ends was a too cute to pass up red parka.  And, it just happened to be the size my Angus would need.  Totally losing all sense of propriety, I picked up the little red parka, took it to the cashier, and paid my five dollars!

Angus was a ham. That pup would gladly wear or do just about anything for a treat!  Thus, when I set my little boy down on my ancient wooden with metal runners sled, a floral arrangement next to him, (to snap a photo to share with my Scottie Dog friends for a Christmas card), he was so happy to conform!  The following is *not* the photo chosen for said card, rather a reminder from the wee one of the promise of a cookie for work performed by him!

So, my photo for my “Blip” today is of that little red parka hanging on a wooden peg.  I know that eventually I will take it down, but for now, there is something reassuring about seeing that little red parka….

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  1. Oh Kae…my heart goes out to you. I still have Zip’s leash and collar…and his dishes…and his toys. It is so very difficult to accept. Hugs to you, my friend. Angus was such a little ham…and he looked adorable in that parka.

  2. I feel terrible to have to admit this, but I did not know Angus was gone until I read this post. I had stopped reading blogs for a while because life had gotten so busy. I had to look back in the archives to see what had happened. I am truly sorry. My condolences to you…however belated. We’ve had our yellow lab for almost 9 years now and I can’t imagine losing him. *hugs*

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