Where Did this Week Go???

Well, I can give you a hint….

On Monday, we drove to Jamestown to pick up my parents. We then drove on to Erie, Pennslvania, where my father had an appointment at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  The appointment was to get his heart shocked!  Yikes!! Dad had expressed some anxiety when Mark and I spoke to him the week before, so we offered to take him and Mom to the hospital.  This was a relief for him, as he was concerned about Mom driving home in the dark if he had to stay overnight.  As it worked out, the procedure was done at about 12:30, and we walked out the door at about 3:00 with Dad.  It was an absolutely great day and we arrived back home around 9:00.  A long, but fun day!

Tuesday was spent in Rochester.  Running around and errands. Will errands ever end?  I think not.

Wednesday, Mark had a dental appointment.  I stayed home and then when he got back home, decided we needed to go to the grocery store as some bitter weather was headed our way! Actaully, more than bitter cold was coming….they predicted snow and some “dangerous” conditions.

Thursday, we were back in Rochester.  We are still trying to decide what to do with the Ford Explorer.  Mark has looked at every conceivable option, but feels we need just a little more time.  We stopped at Wendy’s on our way home to pick up a couple things and the rain was just pouring down by the buketsfull!  If that had been snow, we would have struggled badly to make it home!

Today, our bad weather finally arrived. With a vengeance.  The winds blew and howled like crazy all day.  It is quiet now…almost deafeningly so!  We became accustomed to the loudness all day, so now, our ears are straining to hear the noise that is no longer there!  I am glad we didn’t need to go out today. There are spots on the driveway where the snow is about eight inches deep, and others are nearly bare.  The wind certainly rearranged things!  Carly and I talked a little today and she said the roads were atrocious.   Since most road applications do little good in weather this cold, we opted to enjoy home today!