Sorry to yell, but this has been a very long day.

We left the house early this morning so Michelle could attend a five-hour mandatory driving class she needs before she can take her driver’s test for her license. She had to be at the class at eight, so we left at about 7:15.  While Michelle was at her class, Mark, Ben, and I just kind of hung out and went to the mall and BJ’s.

We picked up some Chinese takeout from a restaurant near where Michelle’s class was, just before we picked her up.  That particular restaurant has a good luncheon deal.

Afterwards, it was on to Penn Yan.  The kids have a friend who lives there who will be returning to college soon, so they wanted to spend some time together.  Mark and I dropped the kids off, then drove on up to Geneva. We just hung out there, watching a documentary and a movie.  We drove back to pick the kids up at 7:30.

As you can see, this was a long day in the truck!  Even Murphy is stretched out, eyes closed, and dreaming doggie dreams!

And so, I shall close this and take my leave… slumberland!

We’re Still Hanging in there.

And when times get tough, I bake cookies!  Yup.  Instead of making dinner late this afternoon, I somehow “short-circuited” and made cookies instead.  Now, you know things have been looking a bit dismal.  Yeah.  Well, I got out the cookbook and hand mixed a batch of Spritz cookies. 

I love Spritz.  I love them with frosting lavished on them with little sprinkles.  Mmmm…..actually, I am just a cookie monster, liking most varieties!  So….I got out my handy-dandy cookie press….placed some dough inside the cylinder…..put the press together…..pulled the trigger…..POW!!!  The cookie press broke. Imploded. I had to pick tiny bits of black plastic out of the dough. 

Thinking fast on my feet, I decided to convert my pressed creations (by the way, the press broke on the very FIRST cookie!) into Thumbprint cookies.  I rolled dough into delicate tiny balls, then placed my thumb into the center.  After all the cookies were on sheets for baking, I placed a bit of blueberry jam in each center.  Oh my!  The cookies were very good.

Don’t believe me?

Ask Murphy!

He climbed up on my chair when I left the room to place the first sheet in the oven.  He decided perhaps he needed to get a little more “personal” with my goodies!

Mark was sitting there next to Murphy, giving him tiny little pieces of cookie! 

As far as the Explorer goes, Mark is waiting on calls for several options.  In the end, it is likely we won’t get much for the vehicle.  I’m okay with that….We had hoped for a nice return to help pay for the new Subaru, but…..

Ah well!