If you know me….

you know just how much I love feeding the waterfowl up on Irondequoit Bay.  I look forward to seeing the birds, particularly the Swans.  They are so big and awesome, I just love to see them up close and feed them.

When we went to Rochester today, I asked Mark if we could head north to see the Swans.  The last visit, we only saw a couple of geese and some ducks. It was such a disappointment.  I was so sure we would see some Swans today, though.  So, off to the bay we headed!

Mark pulled up and to my dismay, all we saw was Mallard Ducks.  Lots and lots of them.  Almost as many as the Seagulls above!

The gulls just kind of swooped and dived, but seemed to understand I was there to feed the ducks!  I walked down over the stone wall along the shoreline and broadcast some cracked corn out into the water and over the rocks closest to the shore. It doesn’t take much to get the ducks coming….they are pretty curious and hungry little critters!

The ducks are so funny to watch as they land. They can make some pretty BIG splashes!

The little fellow above had some difficulty with his big feet getting him out of the water and up the steep slope, so he used a bit of wing power to climb the rock!

And so, the little Mallards dined on the sand on the shoreline, on the rocks, and….

This fellow found a handy crevice between two rocks where he found lots and lots of cracked corn!

This little drake decided he was “King of the Rock”, perching himself high up on the rock to oversee the activity!

This little Mallard apparently had enough, so he headed off!

I decided to try to get some photos over by the boat launch, where there were no rocks.  I walked over and spread out some corn.

Just like hungry little puppies, the ducks followed me over and began plucking up the tasty little kernels. It was then that I spotted something so disturbing, my heart sank to my feet.  Although I am not particularly fond of having a cat,  I respect people that love them and agree they are pretty animals.  And so, I almost cried as I spotted a beautiful grey and white striped cat, wrapped in a blanket, lying on the shore, dead.  I don’t know the details, but how sad that someone thre the cat there instead of burying the poor thing.  I just will never understand….

I immediately returned to the car, feeling sickened.  I told Mark and he said there really was nothing we could do. I sat there, trying to warm up from a frigid outing and feeling so sad.

After a bit,  I looked up and saw what seemed like zillions of gulls all sitting on the parking lot on the opposite  side of the boat launch.

To the left of that photo is the lake. As I looked that way, I spotted some white……

I quickly jumped out of the car, grabbed the bucket and scotted down toward the water! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

It sure was a treat seeing the Swans.  By the time I saw them, my cracked corn supply was greatly diminished.  I only had a couple of scoops left, so I tried to use it sparingly.

I will leave you with my favorite shots of the day. Strangely enough, it is not of a swan, but of these colorful little Mallards, all looking so cute!

A Few More Photos from Sunday

I said I would show a few more photos, but somehow time (and energy, possibly!) slipped away!

While I was in Woodville, this is a shot of the cottages and hill across the lake.  I was amazed in looking at this photo in its original size. (BIG)  The trees that provide such fantastic lush greenery in the summer months look like PINS in a pincushion! They all look so tiny…like toothpicks.  Funny the things one notices!

This next photo shows the “dock installer”. Well, I am not being techical at all here, but this barge-looking contraption is used for installing docks.  So, it would be a dock installer,no?

Looking toward the south end of Canandaigua Lake….

Oh, and I could not leave Woodvile without showing some of the ice formation on the tall shale walls across the road from the cottages.

I left Woodvile and went on up to the “upper road” leading to Naples….County Road 12.  That is where the town carved out an overlook of Canandaigua Lake.  I have taken photos here in the different seasons, but it is always different!

And here is one looking to the east, across the lake.  In this photo, it is clear to see the deep ravines running into the lake.

These certainly aren’t the most attractive photos, but they do give you, Dear Reader, a look at our little corner of the world!

Every now and then….

the atmospheric conditions lend themselves to a GREAT day for photography.  Today was one such day, albeit cold and windy! And so, this afternoon, I went off on a photo shoot to see if I could find some cool stuff. 

I did find some nice things, but I am only going to show a few.  (for now!)

The skies this morning were tinged on baby pink.  I was unsure if the shepards and sailors should be concerned or not, but I think the color was an indication of changeable skies.  The weather is changing, but for the better?  We are supposed to be above freezing this coming week.  Strange. Very strange weather.

My little outing today took me down to Woodville.  I was hoping to see some waterfowl, but all I spotted were Canada Geese and gulls.  I did see some ducks a little northward, but wasn’t wanting to traipse into someone’s yard to get a closer look!  Ah well.  While near the boat launch,  I noticed a beautiful arrangement of golden grasses and bright red berries.  Nature’s attempt at a beautiful still life. 

Even in their “dead” state, these “weeds” provide such pretty color against the stark white background offered by newly-fallen snow.

I drove up onto the high road.  This is where the town built a scenic lookout.  I was fiddling around some with the camera when I noticed a big old crow sitting on the top of a conifer,  looking all the world like a black “angel” atop a Christmas tree.  I wouldn’t have paid this rogue any mind, except for the fact that he squawked and complained the entire time I sat there.  Perhaps I was blocking his view?

Mighty haughty chap, that crow!  Perhaps he thinks he owns the road!

Well, I showed you the morning sky.  Now, how about the Bristolwood sunset? It was very, very pretty!

I was like a Mexican jumping bean…I would sit down and review the photo on the camera, when suddenly the sky appeared to have included even more colors in its pallette!  I would hop back up, insert the SD card, then run outside.  I did this a few (ahem) times!

Mr Murphy and the gutless Skunk!

Wait a minute!  The skunk referred to is a toy, not a real skunk.  It is made with a squeaker in the head and one in its tail, and no stuffing.  When picked up, the little toy looks like a skinned animal. And Murphy really likes “skunky”.

Today, Murphy and I went out to enjoy a bit of fresh air.  Murphy had a ball, fetching the skunk and then tossing it about and shaking it with wild abandon!

I don’t know who had more fun….Murphy or me.  It was so nice to just be able to play outside for a few minutes!

Ah, My Many Talents….or not!

Yesterday, I spent some time at Mendon Ponds Park. I have featured pictures here before of this wonder-filled place where (in the winter months) birds feed directly from one’s hand!

So, what about my talent?  Well, even though I am so dreadfully left-handed, I managed to actually capture a few photos of tiny Chickadees grabbing seeds from my left hand, while holding the camera and snapping with my right hand! Talent? Or no?

These photos are all best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge them…

After I was done feeding the little birdies, I decided to use my horse-whispering talent.  I walked over to the pasture where the wonderful Monroe County Sheriff’s horses are kept.  I had seen four horses in the pasture upon entering the park, and since it is just a short distance from the parking lot, I thought I would at least say hi!

I should have tweaked these photos to brighten the up a bit, but you get the idea!  Only two of the horses wanted to talk to me, so we had our little tete-a-tete, and I was on my way.

And, as I was leaving, horse #1 said, Hey, take me with you! Of course, it broke my heart, but I left the kindly giant behind. He *does* belong to the sheriff’s department, after all!

And here are two random shots thrown in….

One of the great benefits of owning a three car garage that has everything BUT the vehicles stored there is that we can enjoy things like Jack Frost’s lovely artwork. (which seemed to take forever to clear from the windows!)

And, while up in Rochester, we saw a most awesome little shed at a car dealership!

Yes!  A rubber tire building!  No need to fret over falling meteors and such in this shed!  Everything just bounces off!  Watertight, meteor proof….what more could one ask for?  Yeah, I imagine the inside stinks!, but one cannot have it all, eh?

Skies, Skies, and more skies…..

We took a short jaunt to Penn Yan this afternoon.  I had not been shopping at the little Mennonite store there in awhile, so I wanted to visit.

Today was such a gray and dismal sort of day, but I found some photo ops on the way back home.  Most of the photos are of the skies, as the sun tried so hard to make an appearance….

It was a nice day to get out for a bit, but with the temperature so much chillier than yesterday, it sure was nice to return home to a cozy and warm fire in the woodstove!

Random Shots

from parking lots!

Funny enough, these photos were indeed taken from three different parking lots. So, I guess they satisfy the poet from within!

Today, we took our neighbors to the airport up in Rochester.  We had a big green blob of rain ahead of us on the radar, so I was very thankful for my (really intelligent!) choice of footwear today!  I bought a pair of fanciful wellies at Tractor Supply a few weeks ago.  I wanted them for when I tap the trees this spring. After nearly ruining my favorite pair of boots last year, I wanted something that could be easily cleaned and rinsed off.  I love these boots!

The temperature rose up into the 50’s today.  It felt like a spring day more than winter!  Much of the snow we got is now melted and running down into streams and rivers!  Tonight, we are under two weather warnings. One for severe thunderstorms,  and the second for high winds.  I had opened my window to allow some fresh air in, but had to quickly close it when wind-driven rain began blowing in!

Here are some more shots….

Hmmm….seems to be a front moving in on this next one?

All right!  I now have a candle burning. The wind sounds like it is picking up a reat deal outside!  Computer is charged, candle lit,  Murphy snuggling up nearby. Kids safe.  Battens hatched down. 

I think we’re good!

Memories can be such funny things….

but in a serious sort of way.

Late this afternoon, I was thinking about taking a photo for my daily photo journal. I was considering posting a photo of the trees behind our house casting shadows in the waning sun. (and gorgeous! blue skies!)  I thought of taking a photo of one of the kids, but they hate being featured.  What to do…what to do….

Earlier in the afternoon, I had been going through countless photos I still have not classifed.  I was specifically looking for pictures of our Wee Angus.  I had tried to do this just before Christmas, but the tears wouldn’t stop and my heart just wrenched inside.  Perhaps because all the pressure of Christmas and New Year’s is off,  I can now look at the photos and not fall completely apart.  There are still some that cause tears to sting my eyes, but I am doing better.


As I was walking to the front door,  I spotted Angus’ little red parka.  Yes, I had always thought I would never, ever, dress a dog!  I had joined a Scottie Dog forum and some of the photos people had taken of their Scotties dressed in various attire were hysterical!  And so, one day as I was looking around Wal Mart,  I happened to walk down an aisle of clearance items. 

There, in the midst of a conglomeration of all types of odds and ends was a too cute to pass up red parka.  And, it just happened to be the size my Angus would need.  Totally losing all sense of propriety, I picked up the little red parka, took it to the cashier, and paid my five dollars!

Angus was a ham. That pup would gladly wear or do just about anything for a treat!  Thus, when I set my little boy down on my ancient wooden with metal runners sled, a floral arrangement next to him, (to snap a photo to share with my Scottie Dog friends for a Christmas card), he was so happy to conform!  The following is *not* the photo chosen for said card, rather a reminder from the wee one of the promise of a cookie for work performed by him!

So, my photo for my “Blip” today is of that little red parka hanging on a wooden peg.  I know that eventually I will take it down, but for now, there is something reassuring about seeing that little red parka….

Random Photos with the New Camera

The new little camera is still getting its menus and such worked through and out, by me.  A lot of these photos aren’t very good, but I will get the hang of it!  I think the photos are getting better and better as I use the camera,

How I wish the next two would have turned out better.  Murphy was investigating the Christmas tree and it was hysterical!  In the photos, the light he is concentrating upon is red, although it shows up orange.  However, Murphy’s bright red nostrils and mouth were not inflamed…just a reflection of said light!

The last photo was taken this evening as Mark and I sat in a parking lot at the north end of Canandaigua Lake.  Off in the distance, the lights from Bristol Mountain were reflecting off clouds and making a glow in the sky.  When I took the photo, it looked nearly black until I tweaked the colors and focus a bit!

Hope you are having a good weekend!