Yay for Yesterday!

Yesterday, I met with one of my very special friends!  Yup, Jeanne and I met on the internet, then in real, live person, last year.  Jeanne and I both blog and we both love doing crafty things.  We both love dogs and the list goes on and on.  What a treat to make a new friend any time, but even moreso when we don’t live too far apart!

We met at Wegman’s and had lunch and hung out together.  We always have so much fun giggling about things and it seems like the time passes much too quickly.   We had a good time and talked about getting together again. 

I brought along two of my little Scottie Bells for Jeanne, along with some candy.  She gave me such a pretty necklace!  I am having problems uploading photos again….what is up with that, anyway?

So, I shall leave you with an interesting photo.  The past couple of nights, it has been so very, very cold at night!  When I woke up in the morning,  upon going outside,  I could hear the hydrants over at Bristol Mountain, making snow.  Now, we have no snow at all on the ground. Truth be told, the woods are looking kind of drab with tons of brown leaves and stark naked trees….so this photo kind of tells it all!

You can see the snow is somewhat sparse, but the funny thing?  People were already skiing!

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  1. I had SUCH a great time Kae!!! Can’t wait to get together again and share some fun times!! Thank you ever so much for my beautiful Scottie bells!! And the candy! I haven’t eaten it all yet….I have to pace myself!! It is strange seeing Bristol with just a big wide stripe of snow…and people already skiing!! What a weird winter this has been! Maybe we will get TONS of snow in January!?? Hope to talk soon!!! Thanks again Kae! I loved it!!

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